Our Story…

It was a very quiet morning outside today. Some friends from Senior Kindy found a little lizard on the deck, Sienna, Brigitte, Amelia, Harlow, Jai and Arlo and Lola all had lots of fun looking at the lizard. We were all very amazed at how fast the lizard could run and hide in the garden. The swing, sandpit and fort were also very popular play paces today!

As we were busy playing, Miss Sam arrived for sport, she set up the yard and invited us to line up a the gate ready for sport. Miss Sam had set up 5 coloured parachutes with a bean bag in the middle, we partnered up and held each end of the parachute. We had lots and lots of fun lifting the parachute up into the air and trying to make the bean bag go as high up into the air as we could.

After sport we made our way inside, washed our hands and sat at the table for morning tea. we were very excited to be having custard, berry crumble, banana and pear for morning tea, the custard was definitely our favourite!

As we finished our morning tea, we packed away and sat on the mat with Miss Claudia, we said our Aboriginal Acknowledgement, did our day of the week, month of the year and weather. Jai told us that it was Thursday today, Harlow said the it was still July and Ethan checked the weather, he told us that it was sunny outside, but a little bit cold! Miss Claudia than used name recognition to transition us off the mat. We were eager to get into activity time today!

We had lots of fun during activity time today, Miss Aslin bought out the new dolls house, barbies and tree house and placed them on the mat Brigitte, Jai, Arlo, Sienna and Alyssa had so much fun engaging with all the different toys, they loved looking through the box to see what they could find, there were able to find lots of barbies, horses and a big Rapunzel doll!

At the table, Harlow, Raisa, Hunt, Lola and Amelia were busy with the playdough, Miss Aslin added tea cups and saucers to the playdough to add an element of dramatic play. They manipulated the playdough to make cakes, biscuits, chocolate. They then used the left over playdough in the cups, pretending it was tea and coffee. They enjoyed a delicious tea party!

On the mat Ethan helped Miss Claudia to fix our group time board, we arranged the days of the week. Months and weather in order so we will be able to see it clearer during our group times! Thanks Ethan for your help!

We had an extra long activity time today, so we helped Miss Claudia and Miss Aslin to pack away the room, we then helped to lay out the beds, got our sheets and showed Miss Claudia and Miss Aslin how well we can make our beds!

Thank you Pre Kindy for a terrific Thursday

Miss Claudia and Miss Aslin.


Written by prekindy room