Jingeri Pre-Kindy children, Miss Alison, Miss Nicole and Miss An.

2nd day back to kindy, the children were very excited to continues exploring and having fun in the yard with our friends and the educator.

We have a fantastic morning by exploring and playing in the big yard. Harper, Maddison and Bobbie were climbing up from the red pole and down from the slides repeatedly. Harper were abit scare to climbing up at first, Maddison and Bobbie were very kind and lead by example to show Harper how to do it and encourage her to trying and finally she did it, they were so happy and proud of each other. ‘(3.1.7 recognise their individual achievement.)

Nidhan, Alston, Jax, Henri and Hiroki were pushing on a green trucks around the wooden path. Round and round, giggle and laugh. They also saw the big garbage trucks drove pass and they were scream and excited to see it. (CI)

Ashton, Mason L and Olivia were curious about the strawberry garden ion the yard, they talk about the leaf and suddenly the water sprinkles when off and they were shocks but in a funny way. Mason L pick up an strawberry and been holding on for long time, when Miss An asks were he going to eat them, Mason L sweetly answered that is for his mom. How cute. (5.1.2 convey and construct messages with purpose and confidence, building on home/family and community literacies.)

We transitioned inside for Morning tea but first we had a lovely group time with Miss Ann , some show and tell and we had a discussion about our Holidays and all the activities we got up to. The children told us what they got from Santa and the best part of their holiday,

Jude coming in the kindy and ask for Max, were Max been waiting for him at the sandpit. They give each a big hug and cuddle and run off to the pirate ship and sandpit.

Time to get ourself ready and heading into the classroom. To transition the children into the classroom, we line up nicely, count how many of us in a line and give a high five when we walk in (1.1.2 use effective routines to help make predicted transitions smoothly.)

During group time, Miss Alison were reading books that choose by Ashton “ why the sky is blue” then we also talk about our holidays been in the pass. Many of thew children said they when to beach. So Miss Alison were share about the beach safety such as swim between the flag, sunscreen, hat and most important stay close to the parent (IT). After that, Miss Alison also read  “Boo’s Adventures at the Beach” story for the children.

Here is the children shared with us what they did and done at the beach: (2.4.3 demonstrate an increasing knowledge of and respect for natural and constructed environments.)

Jude said he saw Dolphin. Ashton said he play in the sand. Bobbie, Nidhan, Hiroki and Olivia said they when for swim. Jax very cool said he when for surfing, Henri said he play with mom at the beach. Mason said he build a sandcastle. Alston said he saw little crab.

During activity time, we had so many activities for free choice around the room. We wanted them to be happy and calm exploring their new class room and the range of activities and free choice available

To continues the group time topic and also the children interests, Miss Alison organized a group painting for the children (EI). Maddison, Henri, Hiroki, Max, Mason L and also Bobbie were create they very own ocean and beach painting. Later when the painting dry, Miss Alison are going to use it to decorate the room.

Jude like another Christmas, Miss Jo give pre-kindy some new kitchen area resources, Olivia, Harper, Max, Jude and Hiroki were eager to start cooking for their friends. Pretending play always the children favourite. (CI)

Today packing away time was an effort from all our friends , it was a new room new toys so we all worked together to put everything back away neatly Miss An and Miss Alison tried to get everyone involved and working as a team. (4.2.1 apply a wide variety of thinking strategies to engage with situations and solve problems, and adapt these strategies to new situations.)

Thank you for a beautiful and fun day Pre-Kindy. Love from Miss Alison, Miss Nicole and Miss An.