Jingeri Pre-Kindy children, Miss Emma and Miss An.

Fun Friday is the way to go. The children show how they can have fun with their friends just by playing simple game. Such as running and chasing, hide and seek, jumping from the rock to the sandpit, use their imagination.

In this morning, Charlie, Harper, Holly and Olivia were using their wild imagination to play in the pirate ship with Miss Karla (1:1). They said they are on a boat, fishing and going to catch some big fish for Miss Karla for her breakfast, lunch and dinner. From far you can hear “big fish, Holly help” Charlie shouted. Jax, George and Ashton enjoy throw their hat on top of the spiderweb and race from either from slides or ladder see who get the hat first. Hiroki, Zachary, Max and Jude were enjoy running around the yard, through the garden bush, throw the pirateship, through the fort and the tunnel. While later, their face are so red and buff. Mason B, Mason L and Sophie were enjoy in the sandpit with the trucks. They fill the trucks full with the sand, then they push the truck out of the sandpit, on top of the rock and up to the slides and let go. They were so excited to see the truck slide down, tip over and giggle. (CI) (3.2.10 show enthusiasm for participating in physical play and negotiate play spaces to ensure the safety and wellbeing of themselves and others.)

When Mr Ben walk in, the children just run straight up to him, give him a big highfive and shouted “Arakan”. Today repeat and practice about the basic of the Arakan then today Mr Ben teach the children about kicking. The children line up and one by one kick on the pad and kick as high as possible. Mr Ben also trick the children stand on one feet and see how good the children balance are.( 4.1.2 are curious and enthusiastic participants in their learning.)

To Transition the children into the classroom, we did line up nicely, counted how many of us in a line and give an elbow bump to Mr Ben as we walk in to the classroom when we walk in (1.1.2 use effective routines to help make predicted transitions smoothly.) We put our shoes on the shelf, hat on the hat on the hook and wash our hands and enjoy our morning tea. (A)

During group time, we read about book about sorry and gentle hand. We have a better idea about even we learn Arakan, self defence skill, but we are only use it when really needed, not when we play with our friends, our educators, our family, our sibling or our pet. (IT)

After morning tea, to continues knowing and understand better about the children. Miss An and Miss Emma have organize a little caterpillar activity with the children. Littler caterpillar is a wonderful way to get to know more about the children. The children answers to the questions from their name, their age, their favorite things to do, their ambitions etc. this activity, is a wonderful activity for the educators and children to learn more about each other as well as have a bonding time (1 on 1 time).  (2.2.5 practice inclusive ways of achieving coexistence.)

Jingeri Uncle Allen. Long time no see. The children have not forgot about Uncle Allen, as well as the simple yugambeh words we have learn from the pass. They all just straight up to go around Ucnle Allen and start asking Uncle Allen to play the digeridoo, songs (eagle song) they like to dance with him and also reading story. Such a warm welcoming. (5.1.6 attend and give cultural cues that they are listening to and understanding what is said to them.)

After we saying goodbye to Uncle Allen, we were enjoying socializing, playing with pour friends in the room.

Right before the lunch time, we packing away our classroom. we making our own bed with a little helps of the educators. (A)  Some of our friends had a sleep to re charge some had some quiet puzzle, book reading and colouring in.

Thank you for a beautiful and fun day Pre-Kindy. Love from Miss Alison, Miss Nicole and Miss An.