Jingeri Pre-Kindy children, Miss Alison, Miss Nicole and Miss An.

Listen to the music and we can see the children following the music and dance and moving their body. What a good start of the day. Harper, Maddison, Holly, Olivia, Jude, Vera and Bobbie were sing so loud and dance so beautifully.  Frozen song, Moana song still the favourite for the children.

In another corner of the yard, we can also found Ashton, Charlie, George, Jax and Nidhan were building a house for Ashton with the big connection blocks. When they done, Ashton will try to climb or crawl into it. 1st time they kind of didn’t get the size right (too small) so Ashton cant really get in, so they try again for the 2nd time. This time much better, Ashton get to seat in but a bit tight, so they try again until they get it. (2.1.2 cooperate with others and negotiate roles and relationships in play episodes and group experiences.)

Mya, Bobbie and Yuvein were enjoy moving the balance bucket from one side of the yard to another. They pick it up or drag it around then when they found their preferred location, they will set it up and start walking on it and show off their balance skills.

Bike are always a the children favorite too, Mason, Emmi and Charlie enjoy just chill and seat on the bike and another one pushing them around. Pretty fun, Miss An would love to do that too, just im too big for the children to push. Hahaha.

Lucky Pre-Kindy, we got to dance with Miss Jeni. Just like how the children did in this morning. Miss Jeni shared and teach the children how to hoop in one leg, good for our balances, fly around like a bird, good for imagination and also move like a robot. What a fun dance lesson.  (3.2.4 combine gross and fine motor movement and balance to achieve increasingly complex patterns of activity including dance, creative movement and drama.)

To Transition the children into from yoga to group time, we sang frog song and ring a ring a rosie then seat in a circle. (1.1.2 use effective routines to help make predicted transitions smoothly.) and waiting for the rest of our friends from outside coming in, put their shoe and hat away and seat on the mat. (A)

During group time, the children want Mr Oskar reading story for us (sad for Miss An, just kidding). Dion (the sound of moo-sic!), Emmi (here come the crocodile) and Max ((the wonky donkey) have pick their story and Mr Oskar read it for us.

After enjoying the yummy morning tea. Because alots of the children have not been done the activity (all about me” yet, so today we get to do it with Miss Oskar, 1 by 1 they seat down with Miss OSkar and take their time to make their own portrait. (EI) (5.1.7 are independent communicators who initiate Standard Australian English and home language conversations and demonstrate the ability to meet the listeners’ needs.) Fascinated the children were able to located their eye, nose, ears, mouth without looking into the mirror, however when come to look into the mirror and make their own portrait, it will all goes differently.

While we waiting for our turn, we were playing and exploring with the resources that we like.(4.1.1 express wonder and interest in their environments.) Right at the book corner, Ashton, Henri and Charlie were enjoy making the caterpillar floor puzzle, Trains puzzle and also numbering puzzle. One puzzle continues another. Harper, Sophie, Maddison, Emmi, Olivia and Bobbie, were enjoy imagining play with the little people, little pet world. Max, Jude, Jax, George and Yuvein, were enjoy hotwheel cars and the car ramp, car wash and also car parking. Nidhan, Leonidas and Mya enjoy their little high tea session at the Kitchen corner. They pouring tea, baking cake.

Right before the lunch time, we packing away our classroom. we making our own bed with a little helps of the educators. (A)  Some of our friends had a sleep to re charge some had some quiet puzzle, book reading and colouring in.

Thank you for a beautiful and fun day Pre-Kindy. Love from Miss Alison, Miss Nicole and Miss An.