Jingeri Pre-Kindy children, Miss Alison, Miss Nicole and Miss An.

Too sunny, too hot, but we love it, we enjoy exploring and playing at outside wither by ourself or with our friends or with our educators. STOP THE BURN, to protect from the sun, the educators will keep reminding the children to keep hydrate, hat on head and not taking off our shoe. (A)

This morning, Max, Jude, Yuvien, Nidhan, Vera and Henri enjoy jumping from the garden bank. They were trying jump as high as they can, as far as they can. They either jump together, Max will shouted 123 jump, then all jumps on once or they counts as they own pace and jump. (CI)

Ashton were enjoy some me time, he selected quiet some amounts of the story books and seating on a picnic chair read one by one. He also enjoy reading or tell the story to Miss An and his friends too.

Miss An drew an hopscotch on the floor, Charlie, Holly, Harper, Maddison and Dion were enjoy jumping on the hopscotch. But you never know what the children imagination and creativity lead them to. Suddenly, Charlie asks Miss An “do you like my blue socks?” which he painted his calf with the blue chalk. Holly, Harper, Bobbie, Maddison and Emmi were using the chalk to pretending as makeup and nail polish. (CI) (2.4.1 use play to investigate, project and explore new ideas.)

Sofie, Mason B, Leonidas, George and Jax were enjoy let the educator swinging them on the swing.

To transition the children into the classroom, we have line up nicely, count how many of us in a line and give an elbow bump to Miss Alison as we walk in to the classroom when we walk in (1.1.2 use effective routines to help make predicted transitions smoothly.) We put our shoes on the shelf, hat on the hat on the hook and wash our hands and enjoy our morning tea. (A)

During group time, we read about some colours books such as “what is your underwear colours?” as well as “mess up chameleon.” Both books are talk about colour recognition, but chameleon book are also talk about we always try to be someone else, just like the chameleon changes his skin colours whenever he meet someone, but by the end of the day we just need to be who we are, be kind, be honest, be caring, be nice and we be fine. (IT) (5.2.1 listen and respond to sounds and patterns in speech, stories and rhymes in context.)

As inspirited by the children imagination and creativity (chalk make up) Miss An decided to changes the room environment and resources to allow the children continues extend and explored their interested. Salon areas with some accessories (such as bags, sunglasses). (EI)

The children were so excited and eager to play in the areas. They also offer to help Miss An to organize the resources. They pretend making hairdo for their friends and Miss Nicole. They are enjoying wearing and taking off the sunglasses. As part of their play, their will also offer their friends to look at the mirror and see the hairdo they had done for them. Emmi, Harper, Maddison, Sophie, Mason B, Holly, Charlie, Bobbie, Vera and Olivia were spend a great time in that areas. (4.1.4 follow and extend their own interests with enthusiasm, energy and concentration.)

Ashton, Dion, Henri, Jax and George were enjoy moving, stacking the big wooden blocks from the shell to the table. When the educator ask what they making or building, all sort of answered from them:  Ashton said House, Dion said camp fire, Henri said castle, Jax and George said Rocket. Same blocks, same table, different perspective but yet they play cohesively. (CI) (3.1.5 increasingly co-operate and work collaboratively with others.)

Max and Jude were asking about the miniature animals from the educator. They were enjoy playing and narrative the animal play as they like. They arrange the animals on the tables and make it as farm, Jude and Max are farmer. Sometime they do put the animal into the cooking pants… hmhmhm not sure why but they must have their reason.

Right before the lunch time, we packing away our classroom. we making our own bed with a little helps of the educators. (A)  rice, fish nugget (taofu nugget for vegetarian) and salad bar– we all enjoyed lunch,. Some of our friends had a sleep to re charge some had some quiet book reading, drawing and also playdough.

Thank you for a beautiful and fun day Pre-Kindy. Love from Miss Alison, Miss Nicole and Miss An.