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Our Story…


We were very excited to see Mr Sam arrive this morning for sport. We lined up at the door with Mr Sam and followed him outside in to the yard. During sport this morning we showed Mr Sam how strong we were, picking up and bouncing a slightly weighted ball, we then lined up in a big line and took turns throwing the little jelly fish into the different hula hoops.


As we made our way inside, we heard a big loud bell. Miss Claudia asked us to line up and follow her and Miss Stacie out into the car park. We sat down together and listened very carefully for our names and yelled “here” when we heard our names, making sure Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie heard us. When Miss Jo came and saw us, we made our way back into the room and sat on the mat with Miss Claudia. Miss Claudia asked us if we knew why we went out into the car park? Jessie told us “cause a fire” Miss Claudia said we were practicing in case of a fire, so we know what to do.


Miss Claudia then asked us what we wanted to do today?

  • Sammy- animals
  • Jussie- Animals
  • Sienna- babies
  • Haven- dress ups
  • Ethan- trucks
  • Sofia- home corner
  • Jude- cars
  • Izabella- dress ups and home corner
  • Jessie- Puzzles
  • Giovanni- blocks

Miss Claudia then transitioned us off the mat to find an activity around the room to engage in.

Sammy, Jussie and Haven went straight to the animals box on the shelf and got out all the big animals and created a farm on the big chair.


Sienna, Izabella, Sofia and Jessie were eager to get to home corner, to dress up, cook lots of yummy food and look after the babies.


Giovanni, Sienna, Ethan and Jessie were excited to show Miss Claudia how they could do all the different puzzles, they agreed that the beach puzzle was the most challenging.


Jude, Ethan and Sofia enjoyed playing with the cars and trucks on the mat with Miss Stacie, they created a track using the blocks for the cars and trucks to race along.


After our big play, we helped Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie pack away the mat, we then joined Miss Claudia on the mat for a story before lunch.


Thank you Pre kindy for a wonderful day!

Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie.

Written by prekindy room