Our Story…


It was a lovely morning outside today, Lots of us were using up lots of energy running around the yard. Amelia, Sienna and Brigitte had lots of fun on the swings, they have gotten so good on the swings they don’t need Miss Claudia or Miss Aslin to push them anymore! WELL DONE! Giovanni, Tyler, Boston, Arlo and Haven had lots of fun playing a game of super heroes, they pretended to be batman, superman, Spiderman and ninja turtles. Izabella and Raisa enjoyed digging in the sandpit and exploring on the pirate ship.

We were all very hungry after our play outside, we found all our belongings and made our way inside for some delicious morning tea.

Once our tummies were full, we joined Miss Claudia on the mat for our morning group time routine. We discovered that:

  • Today is Friday
  • The month is May
  • The weather is sunny and a little bit cloudy.

Sienna put her hand up and told us that she had bought two books to kindy to read. Sienna got them out of her bag and gave them to Miss Claudia. Miss Claudia then read us Mr Happy and Frozen. When Miss Claudia was finished Haven asked Miss Claudia to read the new book (Alpacas with Maracas) we love reading this book and listening to all the rhyming words.

Once we finished reading the books, we saw that Mr Brad was at the door, we quickly got our hats and lined up at the door. We followed Mr Brad outside and made a big circle. Mr Brad asked us what we could do to warm up our bodies? Haven suggested doing some star jumps, we all agreed, we them decided that we needed to do 10 star jumps to make sure we were warm and ready to do some Arakan. Mr Brad created an obstacle course of us to do, on at a time we tried to complete the obstacle as fast as we could. Arlo was our winner, he completed the course in 22 seconds WELL DONE ARLO!

After Arakan we made our way inside and got straight into activities

Tyler, Izabella, Lola, Giovanni and Boston were very busy in home corner, dressing up as firemen and cooking lots of delicious food for their friends to try.

Sienna, Hunt, Tyler and Amelia enjoyed playing with the dolls. They found lots of different types of clothes and enjoyed dressing them up.

Raisa, Haven, Boston and Hunt spent their morning constructing with the blocks. They connected the blocks  using the pretend plastic screws to create boxes and house.

Izabella, Harlow, Alyssa and Arlo enjoyed using their fine motor skills to manipulate the playdough into lots of different shapes.

Lola and Brigitte helped Miss Aslin to create tree for our wall display.

After our busy morning, we helped Miss Claudia and Miss Aslin to pack away the room. We then made a big circle on the mat and played a game of doggy doggy where’s your bone, then had a dance to animal freeze.

Thank you Pre Kindy for a Fantastic Friday

Miss Claudia and Miss Aslin.

Written by prekindy room