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Outside in the yard today the children were happy to explore the yard. Some children enjoyed the Home Corner that contained kitchen utensils, pot and pans. Others were in the sandpit building sandcastles with the shovels and buckets. There were children at the new fort, navigating their way down the red ladder.  

We had lots of fun during activity time today, we all kept very busy with the different activities around the room.

At the first table there was lego, Boston, Arlo, Giovanni, Charlie and Scarlett were all constructing cars and trucks. Arlo was very proud of his creation and was showing his friends and explain the car in detail. At the other end of the table Milly, Sienna and Izabella were playing with the slime and the ‘tea-cup set’. They were being very gentle not to break the cups as they are made from porcelain. The other table had play dough with cookie cutters, play dough oven and waffle maker. Haven, Alyssa, Harlow, Brigitte and Boston all took turns to make different cakes and waffles for themselves and their friends. The last table consisted of ‘arts and crafts’. This had letter and number stickers, stencils, glitter, glue and scissors. On the mat the educators set up an activity that assists children with their fine motor skills. This included a clothesline and pegs for the children to hang clothes on the line.

Have a fantastic Friday!

Miss Claudia and Miss Aslin😊