Our Story…

We had a lovely morning in the yard this morning. Harlow, Brigitte, Amelia and Sienna had so much fun on the pirate ship, they spent most of their morning having races down the three slides. Giovanni, Tyler, Arlo and Haven enjoyed using up their energy running laps around the yard. Boston and Samuel were soaking up the nice warm sun, sitting on the little green chairs in the bark area, they even enjoyed a nice little chat with Miss Aslin. Izabella, Charlie, Lola, Hunt, Raisa and Scarlett spent their morning constructing in the sandpit.

While we were busy outside playing, Miss Claudia prepared a picnic on the veranda. Once the morning tea was all ready, we gathered our belongings and lined up at the gate. As we made our way through the gate we put all our belongings away, washed our hands and sat on the mat outside and enjoyed some delicious fruit toast, bananas and watermelon.

As we finished morning tea, Mr Brad arrived for Arakan. During Arakan today we followed Mr Brad while he took us around an obstacle course he had prepared. As we went around the obstacle course Mr Brad gave us different instructions to follow. We all had so much fun at Arakan today!

After Arakan we made our way back inside and got straight into activities. We enjoyed indoor and outdoor play today.

On the veranda Samuel, Giovanni, Arlo, Boston, Hunt, Tyler, Izabella and Charlie had so much fun constructing with the big wooden blocks. Together they created a massive road to race the cars along.

Brigitte, Harlow, Alyssa, Amelia, Raisa and Sienna enjoyed playing with the barbies and the dolls house. They really enjoyed roll playing different play scenarios with the barbies and dolls in the dolls house.

Haven, Scarlett and Lola loved constructing with the little lego that Miss Aslin had place on the table. They were very proud of their creations, Miss Claudia asked each of them what they had made with the lego.

  • Haven- a race car
  • Scarlett- a tower
  • Lola- a castle

Miss Aslin also placed some slime on the table for us to play with. We all got a turn of the slime today, we used our fine motor skills to cut the slime with scissors and roll it in to balls.

After our busy morning, we helped to pack away the room.  Before making the beds, we joined Miss Claudia on the mat for a story. Miss Claudia read us a story called ‘the red beast’, we really enjoyed this story and learned some different strategies to use when we become frustrated.

Thank you Pre Kindy for a Fantastic Friday!

Miss Claudia and Miss Aslin


Written by prekindy room