Jingeri and good morning to our wonderful children of Pre-Kindy!

Jingeri and Good morning everyone hope you had a great start to your day like we did, playing outside with the small building blocks, some of our friends did want to do colouring some of them did want a quiet time and went over and was looking at books and reading the stories. The blocks we did have a lot of houses being built a couple of towers which had a princess in it and a monster outside of it.

Beanie day!~

Yesterday Dion asked miss An why do we have to keep our jackets on and our shoes, miss an said it is to keep us warm. Dion then said that the children do need to wear beanies as they will keep their heads warm, so miss An decided to have a beanie day today, which we asked everyone to were a beanie to Kindy if they have one, we had 4 lovely beanies in today so we are going to keep this going for the week, as some children do not come in everyday so please wear your beanies tomorrow. (1.1.7 respond to ideas and suggestions from others.)

To transitioning the children from outside play to group time, we line up nicely at the door, take our shoe off outside, hat into bucket and walking into our classroom. Then seat on the mat. (1.1.2 use effective routines to help make predicted transitions smoothly.)

(IT) At group time we spoke about what day of the week it was and what the weather was like today, it was sunny when I asked someone to tell me what the weather was like. We did read the books jack and jill went up the hill, Incy wincy spider and hickory mouse. We are talking about rhyming words and these books do rhyme.  (5.2.1 listen and respond to sounds and patterns in speech, stories and rhymes in context.)

We then had to transition to the bathroom to wash hands before morning tea which we ask one of our friends to come with us to wash our hands in the bathroom, we had some lovely fruit and yogurt with a couple of chocolate chips and muesli which everyone enjoyed.

We had a couple of activities that was related to these books where, we read the story to the children, and they had some cards which they had to match to the story that was told which was jack and jill the children did enjoy this.

We also had playdough out cars, we did get a big 42-piece puzzle of dinosaurs out which some of the children did finish which was great to see them doing so well better than me. We did not have outside play at 11 today as it started to rain so we stayed inside some of our friends were playing in the kitchen making lunch for our friends.

(1:1) Right before the lunch time, we made our beds, sometimes with a little help from Miss Dakota. Wonderful self-help skills Pre Kindy.  You are becoming so independent.

Our lunch today was a lovely pizza which everyone did enjoy After that we had some quiet time reading books or some of them went to sleep. We enjoyed our lunch and then settled down on our beds to look quietly at books before drifting off to sleep listening to the beautiful piano and nature sounds music that Miss An put on.  Those that did not sleep after about 30 mins got up and moved outside for some activities that we had set up for them quiet time activities.

We hope all our wonderful parents of Pre-Kindy have had a great day, and we can’t wait to see you tomorrow! Love, Miss An and Miss Nicole