Jingeri Pre-Kindy children, Miss Nicole & Miss An.
That’s is so nice to see and welcome each and everyone back from the long weekend. Miss An and MIss Nicole cant wait to listen to all the story during group time.
Children are very excited to see their peers, their educators and their friends. Over the long weekend, they have spend great time with their family now is time to play with our friends.
Big CONGRATULATION to Harper Stowers and her family, they have a new family member, Billy arrived over the long weekend.Harper cant stop to tell her friends how tiny and little Billy were and how much she love him. We cant wait to meet little Billy soon. Maddison Stove, Holly Duke, Hayley Davis, Dion Abela, Charlie Santoro and Bobbie Bordiss were asking can we make a card for little Billy and Harper mom, so we can tell them we cant wait to play with Billy.
Children build on their own social experiences to explore other ways of being.
Children were also enjoy carry the water from the toilet and make wet sand and build sand dune right on the slide and giving instruction to our friends to slide down and hit on the sand dune. Its was fun to builds, to knock it down and repeat. Painting and drawing on the table, kitchenplay and pretending cooking and many more.
we have such a beautiful and good spring weather, the children wanted to play outside with their friends, so lets enjoy the best while we can. So today the children picked verenda as our group time and morning tea area. We read story book that Holly bought from home “bluey” and “love is in the air” from Miss Nicole choice.
Children participate in reciprocal relationships.
After that, some of friends have show and tell to shared about some special items that have. Such as Oliver show he have a Percy’s mask. Holly shows her sparkling and light up unicorn, Dion shows his Bubble gun and Charles ZHAO show a bag of sandpit toys. The children demonstrate and shows great use of language, literacy and numeracy in the show and tell.
Washing hand and enjoy our yummy morning tea.
Time to explore and play. at the drawing table, some children such as Bobbie, Hayley,Abbi Mathieson, Lola Ujgunovski and Olivia Castillo were start drawing on the congratulation card, they were drawing beautifully, while the hand move, the mouth move too… they also enjoy explain to their friends and educators what the drawing means. They are so beautifully drew and we are going to give it out when Harper get pick up from her parents.
Children demonstrate trust and confidence.
As per last week, Oliver Shinn and Dion were suggested to have bubble painting, so Miss Nicole have organized some bubbles wand, bubble solution, spray bottle and a big floor art paper, to allow the children to freely choose which one they prefer and exploring the differences. Charlie, Jax Heathcote, George Ayres, Jude Summers Partington, Henri Rides

and Zachary were really enjoy it. The children were not happy when the bubble get blow away by the wind/brezze, they get cranky at it.

We also have children prefer to play self-selective activity. Hiroki Shimomoto, Lucas Meng and Mason Liu were enjoy pretending cooking with the leaves and sticks they collected from the yard. If they have not enough of ingridents for the cooking, one of them will go collect those for the others.
Tuesday are gardening day. While some of us go to gymnastic, the rest of us when to garden with Miss Hilary. Today Miss Hilary share with us about the snowpeas that we grow in past months. Its time to harvest and bring it to Miss Juliani so we all can enjoy the yummy snowpeas and kale with our lunch. When the gymnastic group coming back is their turn to go gardening.
After packing away our toys and the yard, we headed inside ready for lunch. We transitioned by taking our shoes off, washing our hands and sitting at the table. We enjoyed delicious lunch.

After lunch we packed away and headed to the carpet for some quiet reading and rest time while the room was cleaned up.
Before heading to the table for some quiet activities, we read a book on the carpet. Table activated included puzzles, free drawing, building blocks and hammering kits. Before we knew it afternoon tea had come around, which we then headed outside for play before we all get pick up.
Thank you for the wonderful Monday, Love Miss An and Miss Nicole.