Jingeri Pre-Kindy children, Miss Nicole, Miss An.

Good morning everyone hope you have a great Wednesday as I know we are. Well first thing this morning it was a bit chilly out, so we had indoor outdoor play this morning to start with which indoor was sort of a quiet time as not many children to start with, we had some painting out puzzles big ones and the play station which everyone enjoys.  (2.1.10 demonstrate a sense of belonging and comfort in their environments.)

The children helping Miss Jamie to make a beautiful art work that included rainbow, clouds, grass and trees. Miss Jamie told the children this beautiful painting going to put on one of the role and imaginary play area for kindergarten children as a backdrop.

The children decided that they wanted to go outside so we did there was some children playing with their teddies roll playing mum and dads we also had some playing in the mud kitchen this time making dinner for the babies.

some of them enjoyed playing with the net again playing tennis and then turning to football, they pass the ball through the net, sometime caught in the net too, they also enjoy kicking the ball up high, so many time the ball get caught in the roof but it roll down by it own.

To transitioning the children from play to group time, we line up nicely at the door, take our shoe off outside, hat into bucket and walking into our classroom. Then seat on the mat. (1.1.2 use effective routines to help make predicted transitions smoothly.)

(EI/IT) We then came inside for our group time, which we had to remove our hats put them in the box and take our shoes off as some of us have lots of sand in them,

we go in and sit on the mat and have group time talk about the days of the week and sing a few songs then miss an reads us some books that Bobbie brought in today which was THE PIRATE THAT HAD TO PEE, PIG THE GRUB and THERE IS A MONSTER UNDER MY BED WHO FARTS some very funny books. Quite some children were saying they have the same books at home too.

(A) After our funny stories we went to the bathroom to wash our hands so we could sit down and have our morning tea which was fruit bread and watermelon most of the children loved this.

(IT) Last week, after the sensory play with slime, we move on to another sensory and tactile play, playdough + rice. The rice that the children made with miss Nicole yesterday was dry for them to play with which they did and it was called rainbow rice we also had green play dough. Playdough are soft and flurry, rice are hard and solid. When we mix both materials together, it give a new sensory and touch and feeling to the children to explored. The children just simply enjoy squeezing the playdough with their hand. AS well as the mix and multiple also give us the attractive sight sense too.

(CI) Over the self-select mat, the marble run which the children do enjoy playing with, they also enjoy hand puppet, cars and tracks and also the floor puzzles. In the same time, some of the children went to the gym and had a great time.

The children were asked if they want to go outside, and they all said no so we had inside play this morning. We packed up our room to then have Our lovely lunch this afternoon which was noodles and salad bar. We had to transition to the bathroom to wash our hands and go to the toilet we then got our drink bottles and sat down for our yummy lunch, after we had our lunch it is quiet time which meant that we listened to so calming music and read some books for a little while to let our food go down. (3.2.9 show increasing independence and competence in personal hygiene, care and safety for themselves and others.)

After our quiet time miss Nicole got some of the children to talk about manners (magic flower) and she wrote down what the children said on a flower so we can hang it on the wall some children also did painting which is calming for them, after a little while the children wanted to go outside so we put our sun cream on had our afternoon tea and then went outside to play and play bubbles which olivia brought in for us with

We enjoyed our lunch and then settled down on our beds to look quietly at books, enjoy listening to the beautiful piano and nature sounds music and quiet activities. Later in the afternoon, we going to enjoy the yummy afternoon tea then we will go play with our friends again in the yard.

Thank you for a beautiful and fun day Pre-Kindy. Love from Miss An and Miss Nicole.