Jingeri Pre-Kindy children, Miss Nicole and Miss An.

Happy July everyone. That is so fast, we are in July now. Unbelievable, we wish all our friends and families happy July, saty safe, stay healthy and we miss you all and we love you all.

Another inside and outside play for this rainy morning. We are happy to play and exploring between the classroom and also under the hallway. The educators have set up the interesting activities for the children, these included: felt play, wooden scale with nature resources (like rocks, shell and wooden pieces), we also have puzzles, dress up play (hair saloon) and many more. The children just enjoy one activity to another either with their friends or by themselves.

(1:1) Some of them also enjoy seat on the table have a chat with Miss Nicole about what they plan to play later while they enjoy their breakfast.

To transitioning the children from play to group time, we help packing away outside and inside then line up at the bathroom and wash our hand, then seat on the mat. (1.1.2 use effective routines to help make predicted transitions smoothly.)

(iT) Kind July. Kind July is a month that we can practising simple spontaneous or planned acts of kindness can change and possibly save a life or change someone day. So in the group time, we have read the books and story about kindness such as The Recess Queen, Im Kind and also In my Heart. After reading those book, Miss An interact with the children by asking question about what the children think about “kindness”, what they think kindness mean to them, as well as what they think how they can be kind to their friends. Here what they tell Miss An, I think they are such sweet and kind and nice children. (3.1.11 acknowledge and accept affirmation.)

Check this out:

For Miss Nicole kind mean be nice, For Holly kind mean play with her friends, For Maddison kind mean sharing toy, For Charlie kind mean make his friend happy, For Emmi kind mean give her friend cuddle/ hug, For Harper kind mean helping her friends when they need her, For Dion kind mean invite friends to play together, For Mya kind mean smile, For Jax kind is using our listening ears, For Yuvien kind is gentle, For Henri kind is saying thank you, For Bobbie kind is draw a picture to his friends, For Jude kind is give his mom a kisses.

On Monday, Holly have ask about making some glitter art, so today to combine the children ideas and also part of our nature area decoration, we make RAINBOW glitter turtle. First we draw a big turtle on the big cardboard, then the children will help to put on the PVA glue on and sprinkles the glitter of their choices on the drawing, after that the children will using this tinny shell to outline the turtle shell. In this activity, the children demonstrate wonderful patient, focus and concentration, and they also very proud of the team work they have done and create this beautiful rainbow turtle. The children also suggest lets create a family for this rainbow turtle, if not the turtle will be lonely by itself. (3.1.13 recognise the contributions they make to shared projects and experiences.)

Beside that, Miss Nicole also organized a messy tub on the sandpit for the children to continues connecting to the mother earth by simply playing and exploring with the mud, sand, flours, rocks and leaves.. The children just enjoy holding on, squeeze or rubbing on the dry and wet mud between their fingers and hands, it provide and give different sensory feeling for the children and it just simply magical, as well as all the other resources too. (4.4.2 use their senses to explore natural and built environments.)

Back to the classroom, it was lunch time, we go wash our hand and enjoy our super yummy lunch, some of the children are good at self-serve some are still learning. (3.2.9 show increasing independence and competence in personal hygiene, care and safety for themselves and others.)

We enjoyed our lunch and then settled down on the mat, quietly reading books, calmn and relaxing to listening to the beautiful piano and nature sounds music that Miss An put on.  Some friends rested rather than slept and everyone’s energy was nicely recharged for the afternoon when rest time was done.  Those that didn’t sleep had their rest and then moved outside for quiet activities with Miss Nicole.

Thank you for a beautiful and fun day Pre-Kindy. Love from Miss An and Miss Nicole.