Jingeri and good morning to our wonderful children of Pre-Kindy!

Dear Parents,  As suggested by the children and to support their idea, we are going to have a BEANIE DAY tomorrow. please bring in a beanie, if you have one.Thank you!~ Miss An & Miss Nicole.

The children were so excited that Mr Peter have move the cubby house from Baby 1 room into our yard and Miss Jess have set it up with the big cushion. The children eager to go in and out of the cubby house and play.

Holly, Mason B, Jude, George, Eleanor, Charlie and Mya use the cubby house as café, their friends can buy the ice-cream, muffin, food, coffee, hot chocolate and burger and many more through the window. When there is not customer, the children will make some sale announcement through the window. Kindergarten children even help them to make some poster too. How cute and friendly our peers are.

Today we also playing inside and outside, so the children can choose to either they stay inside and play or outside.

Esther, Charles, Harper and Vera were enjoying the magnetic shapes block but they would like to move the block to outside picnic table, so they when up to Miss Jamie and ask bravely and using their great manners to get the permission of Miss Jamie, so they can enjoy the block in the same time they can observed their friends play too.

In the sandpit we have Henri and Mason L were enjoy making their yummy yummy morning cake. They were putting some much of ingredients, as they tell Miss An, they have putting in flours, sugar, paper, sand, apple, leaf, rock, truck and dirt… hmhmh sound kind of yumm.. hahah.

Emmi, Olivia, Dion and Jack were enjoy helping Miss Nicole to collect our morning tea, set up the morning tea and also get the muffin man activity ready.

To transitioning the children from outside play to group time, we line up nicely at the door, take our shoe off outside, hat into bucket and walking into our classroom. Then seat on the mat. (1.1.2 use effective routines to help make predicted transitions smoothly.)

(IT) At group time, we sang and enjoy the nursery rhyme and move our body to dance too. After that we have 2 friends would like to do show and tell. They bought in from home. Dion have this cozzy and warm beanie and Dion also suggest maybe we all bring in a beanie and make it as a beanie day. Miss An, Miss Nicole and all the pre-Kindy children think it is such a good idea. Then Charles, Charles show his friends with this very cool oranges car, the car boot can be open and can see the detail of the engine and other details too.

After we all go wash our hand and enjoy our yummy morning tea. We get to explore and play the awesome activity Miss AN and Miss Nicole set up and organized for us. The activity are base on the nursery rhyme and created.

Incy wincy spider climb up the water sprout….On the mirror, we found 2 spiders there. there are the string or lace attached with the spider, the children got to pull the string outward and the spider will climbing up the string and reach the spider web. This activity help the children learn how to control and strength on their fine motor and coordination skill. While they pulling the spider up, some of the children sang along too.

Do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man……. Another favorite rhyme for the children. So to promote imaginary and role play as well as fine motor skill, we using playdough as our muffin dough and the children can be the muffin boy or girl. The children enjoy the “muffin” making, they create their own version of the muffin with the their own version of topping too, then they bring it to the kitchen area and put them into the oven to bake their muffin, some of them pout the muffin dough on the stove top and cook it, they said it cook faster.

Right before the lunch time, we made our beds, sometimes with a little help from Miss Dakota. Wonderful self-help skills Pre Kindy.  You are becoming so independent.

We enjoyed our lunch and then settled down on our beds to look quietly at books before drifting off to sleep listening to the beautiful piano and nature sounds music that Miss An put on.  Some friends rested rather than slept and everyone’s energy was nicely recharged for the afternoon n when rest time was done.  Those that didn’t sleep had their rest and then moved outside for quiet activities with Miss Dakota.

We hope all our wonderful parents of Pre-Kindy have had a great day, and we can’t wait to see you tomorrow! Love, Miss An and Miss Nicole