Jingeri Pre-Kindy children, Miss Nicole, Miss Paulina and Miss An.

Welcome back Eleanor, Sophie and Leonidas, we hope you guys got a wonderful school holiday and so happy to see you guys back to kindy. We miss you.

Such a busy morning for our children in the yard. We were busy role playing in the sandpit. They created this café near to the kitchen table, they brew coffee for Miss An because they know how much Miss An love her coffee and they make hot chocolate for Miss Nicole, they also know Miss Nicole don’t drink coffee. They also very sweet and kind to making yummy blueberries, jelly beans, volcano cake for us too. Taste im not too sure how it will be…

Near to the deck, some children were enjoying making the train tracks and playing with it, suddenly there’s a black cat on the roof and lay on the roof. The children were stop what they play and quietly observed the cat. They whispering to each other, questioning about where the cat come from. They even try to mimic the cat noise and try to attract the cat come and play with them. A while later, the cat get up and gone to wonder and the children continues back to what they been doing.

To transitioning the children from play to group time, we line up nicely at the door, take our shoe off outside, hat into bucket and walking into our classroom. Then seat on the mat. (1.1.2 use effective routines to help make predicted transitions smoothly.)

(EI/IT) Classic Australia country song seem like the new favourite for the children. They ask for the 2 songs we been play before before we start our group time. After we listen and sang along the songs, we read a book name “The Red Beast”. The children shouted beat is monster. Yes, it is. This book is about anger, temper that changing us into this red big beast each and everyone have but it turn into illustration, visualize to explain better to the children. After that we also talk about how we can tame and clam our inner red beast and not letting it out of control. The children suggest:

we can take a deep breath, we can cry, we can tell the teacher, we can go hide, we can listen to music, we can read a book and we can also drink some juice. All are such a good idea. (2.2.2 explore the diversity of culture, heritage, background and tradition and that diversity presents opportunities for choices and new understandings.)

(EI/IT) Children are still very interested in the slime, yesterday we only have a couple children try the slime and today we got lots of requests that, they have not try slime and they want to explore and play with it today. So lets get ready, pull our sleeve up and wearing the plastic apron. The children create this love and dislike relationship with the slime. Why I say so, because while the children play with it, they making moaning and complaining about how yucky the slime look like and stick on their hand, but yet they spend long period time on it and they just don’t want to or willing to leave the table.

(CI) Beside that the children also enjoy self-selective activity, such as the ball tunnel/ maze, kitchen corner, loose part and also reading on big queen chair.

(A) it was lunch time, we go wash our hand and enjoy our super yummy lunch, which was very yummy some of the children are good at self-serve some are still learning. (3.2.9 show increasing independence and competence in personal hygiene, care and safety for themselves and others.)

We enjoyed our lunch and then settled down on the mat to look quietly at books, enjoy listening to the beautiful piano and nature sounds music and quiet activities. Later in the afternoon, we going to enjoy the yummy afternoon tea then we will go play with our friends again in the yard.

Thank you for a beautiful and fun day Pre-Kindy. Love from Miss An, Miss Paulina and Miss Nicole.