Jingeri Pre-Kindy children, Miss Alison, Miss Nicole and Miss An.

Captain America (Holly version) flying around the yard and rescue her friends that in danger, such as Harper get chase by the bad guy (Ashton), Maddison about to get eaten by the bad superhero (Bobbie), Oliva that about to catch by the bad man (Dion). The Captain America will bring them to the safe place and lock the bad people in jail. (3.1.3 share humour, happiness and satisfaction.)

We also have some children that prefer play in a small group or themselves. Such as Jax and George enjoy kicking soccer balls back and ford and sometimes they will be cheeky and try to kick it to the roof.  Mason L were searching for flower and feather, so later he can give it to his mom and dad and his grandma. Jack enjoy animals play with Hiroki.

We also enjoy to be playing exercise and sport with Miss Ang. Get our body moving, throwing bean bag into the hoop (practice eyes and hand coordination), jumping over a low bridge and also running game.

To Transition the children into the classroom, we did line up nicely, counted how many of us in a line and give an elbow bump to Miss Ang as we walk in to the classroom when we walk in (1.1.2 use effective routines to help make predicted transitions smoothly.) We put our shoes on the shelf, hat on the hat on the hook and wash our hands and enjoy our morning tea. (A)

During group time, Miss Nicole read a couple of stories, sang “days of the weeks” song and when Miss Nicole ask what is the day today, the children shouted “Chinese new years”, the children have such a good memories, even the educator just mention it once. Miss Nicole repeated the question and Mason L answered “ TUESDAY”.

Jack whispering and ask Miss Nicole for painting with brush, very specifically and of course we can have it. Jack, Dion, George, Harper, Bobbie. Holly and Ashton have a good time to freely draw, paint and transfer the images from their head and imagination into paper. Not as easy as we thought, but the children created a beautiful artwork. (CI)

Beside that, Maddison ask for a playdough, so Miss Natalie were prepared playdough for all the children with some twist. Miss Natalie also adding in the small animals in the play. The children can create anything with the animals, or animals or round the animals.  Once again, we can underestimate the children imagination. Here the answered when we ask the children (1.1) Mason L said he make caves for his bears, Henri said he make cars and trucks, Maddison cooking some yummy dinner for the animals, Jax were making cage to lock up the dinosaur, Jude were making PJ mask (cat boy) and last and not least Zachary, he said he make Zac. (4.1.5 initiate and contribute to play experiences emerging from their own ideas.)

What a surprise visit. We have the super hero Recycleman come and visit and read a story for us. The children were so excited to see the recycleman. We seat nicely, taking in all the story or information that recycleman teach us. Suddenly the room when so quiet, focus and amaze. All the children so excited for the recycleman next visit. (5.2.1 listen and respond to sounds and patterns in speech, stories and rhymes in context.)

Right before the lunch time, we packing away our classroom. we making our own bed with a little helps of the educators. (A)  Some of our friends had a sleep to re charge some had some quiet puzzle, book reading and colouring in.

Thank you for a beautiful and fun day Pre-Kindy. Love from Miss Alison, Miss Nicole and Miss An.