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What a wonderful Friday we have had today! the weather was perfect for the children to explore water play, using the funnels, cups and measuring spoons as they incorporated maths and science skills with their water explorations. Joe, Chaevin, Kai, Teddy, Felicity, Oliver, Emilia and Tohma enjoyed this. Chia arrived with her bubble wand and began blowing bubbles. Oliver, Ajooni and some Senior Kindy friends found joy in chasing the bubbles and trying to pop them.

Indie spent the morning drawing with the colour pencils she drew her mum with love hearts, she used a regular lead pencil to draw with and the colour pencils to colour with. Indie mentioned when she grows up she would like to be Skye from paw patrol or an artist. This Prompted Bek to asking the children what they would like to be when they grow up, not many of them understood the question or knew what to answer, here are the answers we received:
Joe – Garbage truck driver
Felicity – Ballerina and put on shows
Paisley – A doctor
Emilia – A big sister
Harper – A policeman.

Ben arrived for our weekly arakan lesson, we did the usual warm up routine of practicing our stance, star jumps and a short game of simon says. we then took individual turns and implementing straight palm hits into the focus pad. After Arakan we made our way indoors for a quick grouptime and morning tea.

As we sat on the mat for group time, I noticed the children peering over to the camera Santa sent us yesterday. “there’s still some snow on it” Felicity mentioned. “From the North pole” added Emilia As a class we then spoke about the cold weather at the north pole and maybe that’s why Santa wears a big red coat and black boots. The children then started spontaneously singing the red, red coat song.

During activity we were joined by Uncle Allan, he made is way into the room and the children followed him onto the mat. Uncle Allan sat on the floor with his didgeridoo and begun playing it. Kai excitedly sat next to Uncle Allan, placing his hand on his didgeridoo feeling the vibrations. the children then listened to the story “No Kuruhman on the bus” a indigenous story about why austraian animals shouldn’t travel on the bus. After the story the children explored movement by dancing along to the wombat wobble.

After Uncle Allan left we popped on our hats and suncream and ventured back into the poirate yard, we were surprised to see Miss Cindy had taken the swing down. this gave us extra space for activities. The children decided to have a dance party and a water fight.