Our Story…

We had lots of fun in the yard today!

Boston was very excited to come to kindy to tell his friends that it was his birthday today! Giovanni, Arlo and Boston had so much fun playing a game of PJ masks, Arlo was Gecko, Giovanni was cat boy and Boston was owlet. Brigitte, Amelia, Harlow, Lola and Alyssa enjoyed run around the yard together and making a tea party on the table in the garden. Haven and Hunt enjoyed time on the swings. They tried to swing themselves higher and higher.

After our busy morning, we lined up at the gate and followed Miss Aslin inside, we washed our hands and on the mat outside and enjoyed a picnic for morning tea. As we finished morning tea, Mr Brad arrived for Arakan. During Arakan today we followed Mr Brad while he took us around an obstacle course he had prepared. As we went around the obstacle course Mr Brad gave us different instructions to follow. We all had so much fun at Arakan today!

When Arakan finished we all said a big thank you to Mr Brad and made our way inside and sat on the mat with Miss Claudia. We begun with our usual morning routine. We discovered that today is Friday the month is July and the weather outside is sunny! Miss Claudia then explained the activities for the day and transitioned us off the mat.

We had a lots of fun today during activity time. As it is Boston’s birthday today, we had a little party, Miss Claudia turned on some dancing music and Miss Aslin blew up some balloons. Amelia, Lola, Harlow, Alyssa and Raisa spent lots of time on the mat dancing and playing with the balloons.

Once we were a bit tired of dancing Miss Aslin set up the car mat on the mat, and placed lots of different cars around the mat. Arlo, Hunt, Haven, Boston and Giovanni had so much fun racing the cars around the mat.

At the table, Amelia, Brigitte, Raisa and Harlow used the magnetic letters on the whiteboards. They looked at each letter and shared with their friends what letters they could find ass they stuck them on the whiteboards.

After our busy morning, we helped Miss Claudia and Miss Aslin pack away the room. We then made our beds and washed our hands for lunch.  After lunch we all had a much needed rest and woke up feeling refreshed and energised! Once we packed away our beds we enjoyed some delicious afternoon tea before singing happy birthday to Boston and enjoying some yummy cup cakes!


Thank you Pre Kindy for a Fantastic Friday!

Miss Claudia and Miss Aslin.



Written by prekindy room