Happy Friday families, the cool weather was lovely as we explored the outdoor environment, Indie, Oliver explored the sandpit together using bowls and kitchen utensils to dig with. They then joined Joe, Paisley, Emilia and Felicity and formed a little group playing in the mud kitchen up the back, they soon moved under the fort sitting in a circle having a chat about the elf watching from our classroom. Ajooni explored the swing, Kai soon joining her once arriving at kindy. Chia, Tohma and Chaevin sat at the picnic table reading the gingerbread man story. Mr Ben arrived for Arakan, met him behind the swing and gathered in a circle. Today we warmed up by doing arm rolls, star jumps and jogging on the spot. we the lined up and worked on our straight palms into the large black and red focus pad. Next, we worked on kneeing the focus pad twice on each side. To conclude the children asked Mr Ben if they could play a game. Ben then asked the children to hide their eyes as he hid the smaller pads around the yard for the children to find.

Before we knew it, it was time to transition to the indoor environment, we washed our hands and sat at the morning tea table. after eating we packed away our drink bottles and plates and sat down on the mat with Miss Cindy and Miss Lara. Chia had carried the gingerbread book inside earlier and asked Miss Cindy to read it. After reciting the indigenous acknowledgment and the Friday song Miss Cindy read the gingerbread man.

For activities today, Ajooni, Teddy, Tohma, Chaevin, Teddy and Chia sat at the drawing table colouring Rudolph the red nose reindeer. Indie had requested the dress ups, Ajooni, Oliver, Teddy, Felicity, Emilia, and Paisley dressed up together in home corner, Paisley, Emilia, Felicity and Indie moved to book nook after dressing as princess’ using the pillows to make a cubby castle. Joe and Theo explored the cars with the car ramps and Duplo blocks on the mat area. They each took 2 matchbox cars and raced them around. Kai watched Theo and Joe and then decided to join in.

have a wonderful weekend,