ASC – 

2.55PM TO 3.15PM

The children are enjoying finding their names and signing themselves in. It gives us time to speak to each child for longer at the start of the day and talk a little about their day and what they’d like to do today at ASC.

NUTRITION – Today’s afternoon tea was watermelon, choc chip cookies & pineapple.

Late snack at 5.15pm was crackers & choc chips for a treat. Axl, Jireh, Khaleesi, Pia & Lucas loved that as they played outside.

MR SAM SPORT DAY – We started off the day with a running race for each grade. Juno was a bit nervous to race at 1st so we encouraged her and she ended up winning and was so very proud of herself. Well done Juno. Jacob was proud to come 2nd and tried so hard to beat Juno but her long legs and fast speed was unbeatable. We always remind our stars it’s not about winning it’s about having a go as you have already won by just simply taking part.

It was great to see how fast everyone is. Callan won the 1st grade race running as fast a superman with Levi winning 2nd place. Axl & Patrick tied the grade 2 race. They ended up having 3 races together. Blair was thrilled to win the grade 3/4 & 5 race. They all enjoyed a giant race back together at the end.

We ten had a fun afternoon with Mr Sam skipping, playing soccer, footy & catching tennis balls.

Seth, Xavier, Summer, Cameron & Pia really enjoyed skipping and had lots of laughs with Emma & Miss Jen when we all got caught in the rope.

Juno was our photo of the day with her very clever juggling. Well done again Juno you are our star of the day.

4.30pm to 5pm – CRAFT – Extending on Angus’s interst in space and after making our rocket yesterday Miss Jen thought the children would like to dye sand to make planets or sometging to do with space. Miss Kylie suggested we make moon dust jars which I’m sure they will love. They loved collecting it into lunch bags, filling them with water, colouring & then swirling the colour and sand around to watch it change colour. It was the messiest craft we have ever done but it was so much fun and was worth all the mess. We then drained the water out of the bags over the sinks and tipped the sand out onto baking paper on a tray to hopefully dry by tomorrow so the children can play with it.

Such a super fun day with Miss Jen, Miss Maddy, Miss Emma & Mr Sam.



Written by Outside School Hours Care