Today’s afternoon tea was yummy crackers, cheese cubes, rock melon, watermelon & choc chips

MR SAM SPORT DAY – 3.15pm to 4pm

Today we had a big rugby league game going on and lots of soccer. We stressed to the boys again about the importance of only playing touch not tackle as it’s against school rules and also causes conflict. Just playing touch keeps the game much friendlier.

Myles & Juno were so thoughtful and spent their afternoon picking up the rubbish from the oval “To keep the environment clean” Myles said. Such a wonderful thing to do. Well done guys.

TALKING STICK – 4.30pm – 4.45pm

When we arrived back at BELC we all sat down in a big circle and had a turn of holding the talking stick which means when you have the stick it’s your turn to talk and can say anything you like. It was nice to hear happy thoughts and kind words spoken about others. Some expressed their concerns and some told us about fun things they had to look forward to. Cameron is very excited about her Harry Potter birthday party coming up. Blake & Eleanor and are very excited to be off to England and Scotland in 2 days and are going to see Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. How exciting we cant wait to  see the photos and hear all about it.

DISCO – 4.45pm – 5pm

We had a super fun disco and the children loved showing off their dance & acro moves. We put the disco lights on and had so much fun. Some of the songs that were chosen were musical colour freeze, no more monkeys, Gummy bears, Everybody dance now, Rock this party and many more.

, R

OUTSIDE PLAY – 5pm to 5.30pm

Everybody enjoyed a big play in the yard playing tag.

MORE DISCO – 5.30PMpm to 6.30pm til home time.

Have a lovely night Miss Jen & Miss Maddy.

Written by Outside School Hours Care