BEFORE SCHOOL CARE – 7am to 8.30am

7am to 8.00am – Outdoor play – Free play – The sun was shining and the weather was sweet so we were able to enjoy the great outdoors until 8am. 

 Child initiated – The children love to play tag as they have so much energy 1st thing in the morning.

Activities set out this morning were – Lego, washing dolls & dolls clothes, construction with big connectors.

POST OFFICE ROLE PLAY – Eden & Veeda were very excited to see how the post office had turned out and had  lovely game this morning and helped Miss Jade putting up the signs.

Intentional teaching –

Expressing our emotions through art – Miss Jen suggested to Cooper & Alex that they write a nice letter to someone they love and we can post it in our post box in our new post office. They loved this idea and it made them feel good to do something positive and kind. Cooper made a lovely card for his Nan & Pop with lots of love hearts.

Watching a you tube video clip about being kind – Miss Jen found a great clip to show the children before they went to school to remind them to be kind and suggested they do a random act of kindness for someone today.

8.00am – 8.30am – INDOOR PLAY

TECHNOLOGY – Intentional teaching – Watching a lovely video clip about being kind and random acts of kindness.

8.30am – Pack away – Morning snack –The children are always hungry again by the time we go to school so at 8.30am everyday as we are calling the roll the children enjoy a snack out of their lunch boxes. We encourage them to choose something healthy to help them concentrate in class. We love seeing the children with lunch boxes filled with healthy food choices to help give them the energy to play, concentrate & learn throughout their school day.

 8.40am – Temperatures – Roll call – Walk to school safely to school in partners with educators 

Parent Information Exchange- NUT FREE CENTRE – Please remember we are a nut free Centre, due to some of our children having severe allergies. Please refrain from using peanut butter or sending nuts in your child’s lunch box if they attend before or after school care. We thank you very much for your understanding to ensure the safety and health of others.

AFTER SCHOOL CARE – 2.55pm to 3.45pm

2.55pm – 3.30pm – Collect children – Sign in all children – Short play on school grounds – 2 Educators collect the children from the Prep area and walk the children to the tuckshop where we meet years 1 – 6 & our other 2 Educators. We then mark the roll and walk straight down to the oval or to the adventure playground for 30 minutes of play.

Today we enjoyed half an hour of free play on the oval as we had another lovely day of sunshine. 

3.30pm – 3.45pm- Line up – Head count/Roll call- Return to BELC – The children gather their belongings and line up as a roll call is carried out and our road crossing rules are shared. We position the children in partnerships that help to ensure their safety- such as pairing older children with our new preps and other younger children.  Here, the older children set a good example of how to follow our road crossing rules in order to keep everyone safe.  Educators position themselves accordingly throughout the transition from school to BELC and closely supervise the transporting process.

Thank you to our friends who held the gates for the others. It is so lovely to see the children being mindful to others.

SERVICE PHILOSOPHY- Children are asked to have a willingness to be kind to others and to look after them, to be gentle, friendly, loving to others and empathetic.

NATIONAL QUALITY STANDARDS- Quality area 2.2.1- Children’s health and safety- Supervision- at all times, reasonable precautions and adequate supervision ensure children are protected from harm and hazard. Quality Area 7.1.1- A statement of philosophy guides all aspects of the services operations.

LINK TO EARLY CHILDHOOD THEORIST – Children learn through observing and imitating adults (and more skilled others)- Barbara Rogoff.

After School Care- 3.45pm to 4.30pm

Group time –  Today we split the group into age groups – preps to year 2 and year 3 to 6. The children are enjoying the smaller groups and mix of different children each day.

Transition- The children wanting to have afternoon tea transitioned in small groups to wash their hands and then sat at the table with their friends while their Educators hand out the food. 

Progressive afternoon tea – Sandwiches & fruit. Miss Natalie made the girls some fairy bread for a special treat.

Miss Jen & Miss Ana enjoyed having the little people downstairs & they watched Paw Patrol until it was outside play time and also enjoyed some free play activities inside.

Mr Dayne & Miss Jess had fun with the older children upstairs playing their fun drawing game and then came downstairs to enjoy a big play after their afternoon tea.

Child initiated – After our talks today about being kind and caring Odin & Jussie spent some time at the art table. “What are you making?” asked Miss Jen. Odin said he loves his dad so much and made him a big card telling him how much. Jussie has been a little bit worried about his Nanny as she hasn’t been feeling well so he made he a get well card. It’s so lovely that the children are thinking of others and expressing their thoughts and feelings through art.

Children learn to interact in relation to others with care, empathy and respect
This is evident, for example, when
express a wide range of emotions, thoughts and views constructively & empathise with and express concern for others

AFTER SCHOOL CARE – 4.30pm to 6.30pm

4.30pm – 6.00pm- Outdoor play- The children had a great time running around playing, tag, soccer & sandpit fun. It’s great to have the parents able to enter our playground now in the afternoons and our Educators are enjoying engaging in conversations and getting to know the new parents and talking to our regulars as it’s been so long since we have been able to spend time with the parents. We love our afternoon conversations.

Georgie & Zoe have created a new challenge by balancing the cushion logs on their heads whilst looking in the mirror. This has interested the other children and the challenge has begun……. stay tuned !!

Everyone had gone home by just after 6pm.

5.00pm- Late snack and free play until collection- Remaining children can enjoy a healthy snack and some indoor / outdoor free choice activities as they wind down to go home.

IDEAS FOR EXTENSION – We would love the children to take part in a mindful Valentine activity by making an anonymous card for someone in our team to tell them how special they are. Each child will pull a name from a hat and write something lovely about that person to make their day. We can’t wait to sit down with the children and hear them read out their compliments. We hope it makes their day <3

Thank you for a lovely day. Your Educators today were – Miss Jen, Mr Dayne, Miss Ana , Miss Jess & Miss Natalie.