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Our Story…

Good afternoon families!

We had a lovely afternoon,

As we arrived at Afterschool care,  we  checked in with Miss Claudia to let her know that we were here and with Miss Maddy picking up the prep’s. We then lined up for some delicious pop corn, chocolate cake and fresh fruit. As we finished our yummy afternoon tea, we made our way back to the centre in two groups. Once back at centre we told Miss Claudia and Miss Maddy what we felt like doing this afternoon. Arakan, Lego, drawing and home corner were very popular suggestions we also had father’s day craft making, paper plane competition, schools, little pet shops, cubby house, trucks and blocks and the children colouring in their ditto’s activity book that they received at school today.

Summer, Pia, Halle, Tristan, Zoe, Jakobi, Jireh, Eljay chose to participate in Arakan. We were very busy at Arakan this afternoon doing wall sits, running laps of the verandah, toe touch stretch,  hamstring stretch, suicide runs, head blocks and straight palms and elbow punches with combos and of course our favorite game dodgepads. We were all very exhausted after all the running! Some of our friends continued to play dodgepads which consisted of Myles, Pia, Eljay, Jack, Jakobi and Zavier.

Bodhi loved playing with the blocks and trucks.

Toni and Scout enjoyed playing schools with the white board and working on their ditto’s activity book.

Little pet shops and farm house’s with animals and farmers are a huge hit with the children at the moment with Alexandra, Luuly, Myles and Eli playing with them.

Juno, Delilah and Lucy working on their Ditto’s activity book and have fun.

Zavier and Jack decided to make a cubby house. 

Zac, Levi and Gabriel made paper planes and had competitions on which would fly the longest. 

Juno and Lucy made story books – Lucy’s story book is about her birthday, Juno’s story book is about butterflies and Zavier’s story book is about

Thank you After School Care for a lovely afternoon!

Miss Claudia, Miss Maddy and Miss Bek!