Our Story…

Miss Maddy picked up the prep’s and made their way up to after school care in the under cover area, were they checked in with Miss Madie and all our other friends. Once Miss Madie marked us present, all the children made their way over to Miss Lauren for some yummy afternoon tea, which consisted of pita crispies, watermelon, honey dew melon and cheese!

It was a very quiet afternoon with lots of the school children showing their mums and dads around their classrooms which meant after school care was very quiet!

Miss Madie and Miss Maddy called us all over for roll call where, we lined up and made our way back over to the centre. The activities that were provided for the children today were: 

  • Arakan
  • Home corner
  • Drawing/cutting
  • ipads
  • Game of Life
  • Uno/Snap

During Arakan today, Indigo, Tristan, Myles, Eli, Jireh, Kye and Cameron practiced their Arakan skills and then played a couple of games of dodgeball with Mr Brad

Jireh, Eli, Lucy and Rohan were interested in the drawing/cutting table

Payton was playing games on his ipad very quietly in-home corner

Kye played a game with Miss Madie- we played ‘the game of life’

Tristan played a game of Uno with miss Madie and then we played a game of Snap which he beat her!!

Thank you After school care for an absolute lovely afternoon 

Miss Madie and Miss Maddy


Written by seniorkindy room