BSC- 7AM TO 8.30AM

A lovely to start to the week with very settled children. We had some lovely conversations about things we were grateful for.

Ryan was excited to be going on his year 6 camp.

Gabriel was telling us all about his face time with hid Daddy over the weekend.

Savannah enjoyed her new hip hop class on Friday.

Jack & Eljay had a great weekend motor bike riding and doing jumps.

Callan and Blair enjoyed their weekend experiencing some of the Chinese New Year celebrations in Southport. They liked the dancing lions. Miss Jen enjoyed celebrating CNY in Brisbane.

Our activities today were colouring in, lego, home corner, dolls, characters, animals, trucks and sand.

8.30am – Pack away – roll call & walk to school safely.

ASC- 2.55PM TO 5PM

It was lovely to meet our new friend Patrick today.

We had a lovely relaxed afternoon over at the school enjoying a delicious afternoon tea of grapes, oranges, bananas & pop corn. The big boys played some hand ball and then all lined up so we could had over to the Centre to enjoy the nice cool air con.

Eden, Alliar & Toni enjoyed painting the dolls house.

Jack, Eljay, Eli, Myles, Gabriel, Sebastian & Jacob played pretend Fortnite with lego and also built a big train track right across the room using baskets as bridges.

Callan relaxed for a while and then joined the art table where we traced dinosaurs. Juno really enjoyed this also. Blair, callan, Juno & Myles all enjoyed watching the live Euro vision show on the weekend.


Lucy loved playing with the dolls and her friend Alexandra. Khaleesi, Lucy & Elyse had fun games in home corner.



It was such a lovely afternoon outside. Our friends all packed away quickly and couldn’t wait to get outside for a big play on the playground. Jett, Payton, Tristan & Xavier played tag. Pia chilled out on the swing. Khaleesi. Eden, Elyse, Lucy, Angus  & Toni played in the sand pit and on the Pirate ship.

Have a lovely night, Miss Jen &  Miss Maddy.




Written by Outside School Hours Care