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ASC – 2.55pm to 3.30pm

NUTRITION – Today’s afternoon tea was yummy jam sandwiches, grapes & water melon.

The children enjoyed a playing on the adventure playground and some soccer on the grass before we heaed over to the Centre.

ART & CRAFT – Miss Jen printed out some examples of animals that start with the letter’s O, P & F after seeing a fun wall display in another Centre and thought that our OSHC friends may enjoy making them too and they did. Miss Emma collected all the art & craft materials that we needed and they began with great enthusiasm.We had so much interest and saw some great creations. Axl wanted to made something out of H for his brothers name Huxley so he made a Hippo.  Jireh made a Pig, Delilah & Lucy made bracelets, Cameron made a Caterpillar & Juno made an Owl. It was a great activity and we still have another 22 letters to go. I wander what awesome things we will see with the other letters.

PRIDE & JOY – Tristan was telling Miss Jen all about how he was elected by his school friends to be on the school council. He is very proud to wear his badge and help organise fund raisers and other helpful things for the school. Great work Tristan.

Khaleesi, Heidy, Lu uly & Toni made their own cubby and played dolls in their. Pia, Halle & Patrick made a maze cubby house with all the mats.


Oliver, Jacob, Sebastian, Jack, Gabriel & Eljay continued playing soccer outside.

Delilah & Lucy made a plane and had a fun game. Pia, Khaleesi & Axl played the game after the girls had left and left it up for their Monday friends as they love the plane game.


Our photo of the day is Tristan photo bombing Lucy & Delilah’s picture. Such a cheeky monkey.

Oliver & Jireh made an awesome train track and had a fun time together. They have left it built for others to play with on Monday morning. Thanks guys.

6.30pm – Home time and it’s FRI – YAY !!

Have a wonderful weekend, Miss Jen & Miss Emma.