Our Story….


Welcome to Toddlers 1 2021. We are so excited to explore, learn and grow together.

What an exciting Monday morning; meeting new friends and as well seeing our last year babies all grown up into big toddlers. We started our morning at the front yard exploring sand pit, musical instruments, big cars and bubbles. Saylor was busy in the sand pit, riding in a big car and exploring our little bakery house. Chloe was exploring sand pit and enjoyed musical instruments while Miss Dana was singing lots of nursery rhymes. Blake joined us and she was unsure at first but cuddles with Miss Dana helped. Later we are all excited to chase bubbles and catch them. Blake keep asking for more bubbles.

At 9:30 we went inside sat on the mat and enjoyed our group time with Miss Emma when Isabella joined us. We all washed our hands and sat at the table for yummy morning tea: bananas, strawberries, apples and slice all self serving with little bit of help from Miss Emma and lots of water as day was really hot. After our morning tea we had free play inside. Isabella and Blake were busy drawing with crayons on the big box. Chloe loved little sea creatures and Saylor was very busy in the home corner cooking. Time to packing away, after we all packing away our toy and classroom with little assistant of the educators. We get our hat, put on our sunscreen and ready to go outside and have a short play with toddler 2 friends we enjoyed  quick run and explore our big slide, sandpit and the Fairy Garden. Isabella and Blake loved risk taking while climbing up the tall ladder to the top and sliding down the slide. Before sliding down they both had a turn at beeping the horn and steering the ship. Saylor enjoyed playing in the sandpit with some Toddler 2 friends cooking in the mud kitchen.

After we took our hats off and transitioned inside for some yummy lunch, we all washed our hands sat down at the table and had big drinks of water. Self-serving with a little help we all enjoyed chicken fingers, roasted veggies and salad bar. After we scraped off our plates and hopped into our beds ready for a long rest.

We provide the opportunity for every child to rest quietly on beds and quite reading is given to those who don’t sleep.

We woke up happy and excited to play and explore with our friends. We enjoyed washing our hands, applying sunscreen and having yummy afternoon tea. We than transitioned outside and explored the playgrounds.

Thank you for the beautiful first day Toddlers 1.

Miss Dana and Miss Emma xx