Our Story…..

Welcome to another beautiful week in the babies 2 room with Miss Claudia and Miss Emma!!

We begun our morning in the Babies 1 room with Miss Emma and Miss Alison. Harley and Isla had  so much fun dressing up as builders, wearing the hard hats on the heads and finding the hi-vis vests in the dress up box. Lexi bought a yellow balloons in to kindy today to show her friends, Miss Emma drew a big smiley face on it, Lexi loved hitting the balloon around the room, hitting it up high in the sky and catching it when it come back to her.

Once most of our friends had arrived at kindy, we transitioned into our room and got ready for some delicious morning tea. We enjoyed yummy fresh fruit, carrot slice and fruit puree. Morning tea was so delicious we asked for seconds!!

After morning tea, we got all cleaned up and ready for activity time. to begin activity time, we all sat around on the floor in a circle, Miss Emma then handed us a piece of paper and some stickers. Harley, Daisy, Lexi, Isla and Karina used their fine motor skills to peel the paper (with help from Emma) off the back of the stickers and stick the stickers onto their coloured piece of paper. As they chose their different stickers, they had turns at guess the different colours they were using.

Kingston had a great morning showing off his ability to stand on his own! Kingston enjoyed pulling himself up to standing using the walker before letting go and balancing on his own for a few minutes before sitting back on the mat. great balancing Kingston.

After such a fun morning, we helped Miss Claudia and Miss Emma pack away the room, we then got ready for some  delicious lunch and a much needed rest.

Thank you babies 2 for a wonderful Monday!

Reminder: BELC closes at 2pm onThursday 24th December 2020!