Our Story….


Welcome back to another beautiful week in the Toddler 1 room. We enjoyed a lovely outside morning, as everyone was getting dropped off, they enjoyed a small cuddle with Miss Emma before transitioning to play with their friends. Charlie was so proud of his Dinosaur he brought to kindy today and was showing his friend Connor in Toddlers 2. They both were making dinosaur noises all morning. Niva was a little bit upset this morning but was enjoying some books and reading with all her friends on the mat. They all enjoyed the ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ book and singing some wiggles songs. Saylor was being a dare devil running to the slide and up the stairs to go down the slide and do it again. She loves being chased and scaring Miss Emma. Blake had a chilled morning playing in the sand pit cooking up a storm with the pot and pans and sand. She found a super bouncy pink ball and moved out into the free space to kick it with her friends and Miss Dana. When everyone had arrived, it was time to transition inside for morning tea.

Bella arrived just in time for morning tea. We enjoyed fresh banana, mango and yogurt for morning tea. We then cleaned up and were eager for activity time. Our colour of the day today was Green and Miss Dana organised a painting activity for us.  It was interesting to note that most of the children chose dot painting with their paint brushes except for Saylor who stroked the brush from side to side on the paper. After we all had the opportunity to use our imagination and paint we moved to the mat for some self-selection of activities. Charlie grabbed the building coloured blocks and moved them to the mat to do some building. Just before they started to build Miss Dana placed the colour in the coloured groups and all the toddlers helped sorting each colour out. “Green” said Charlie as he placed a green block with the other ones. When they were all sorted Saylor, Bella and Charlie all worked together to build tall towers and then watch them fall down. Blake moved over to the cupboard were she pulled out the tool sets and everyone was excited to play when them. Niva loved twisting the nuts and bolts together, Blake was using the drill and Saylor helped Blake by finding the battery for the bottom and passed it to her saying “battery”. Bella is so good at puzzles she loves the dinosaur puzzle and did it with a little assistance from Miss Emma. We then packed away the room together and moved outside for a small play before lunch.

When we were all ready for lunch we transitioned inside for some yummy falefel wraps with cheese, corn, beetroot and carrot. We had very full tummies and hopped onto our beds for a big rest.

Thanks for the beautiful day Toddlers 1

Miss Emma and Miss Dana xx