April 15, 2019 Babies, Benowa Centre No Comments

Today we celebrated Easter with our families in the babies’ room with our Easter breakfast and a special visit from the Easter bunny.

We all had very brave friends and they all were happy to get a picture taken and get a chocolate egg from the Easter bunny.

We enjoyed doing some Easter art and craft and having a lovely shared breakfast together thanks to the parents who brought a plate along to share

After the Easter party – we all had a nice healthy morning tea of some fruit and toast and then we continued with some more Easter painting and other craft activities.

We ventured out into the yard for some free choice activities later in the afternoon and Daisy and Nicholas drove straight into the ball pit. Hiroki was fascinated by a helicopter that was in the sky he continued to point and watch it until it was out of sight. He was then upset when he couldn’t see it anymore.

We had some fun with some balloon games this afternoon. We decorated our room and enjoyed playing catch with the others.

Sebastian and Leo loved walking around holding the balloons and showing friends what they had. We had a disco this afternoon with some Easter disco tunes from you tube and the babies enjoyed catching bubbles hitting the balloons up and moving and grooving to the music.

Vera was loving the disco. Daisy was confused and didn’t know whether to dance or catch bubbles. She ended up doing both.

Nicolas was busy with the shakers and other musical instruments, he knows how to make lots of noise, and he loves it. Quinn was dancing wearing a fireman hat that he has been wearing all day since he arrived.

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