Jingeri everyone!

What a Marvellous Monday we had today! All our friends seemed very excited to be back at Kindy after the weekend and couldn’t wait to share their stories and what they did over the weekend.

We had a busy morning outside, engaging in a variety of activities: Miss Jess helped us set up the Ice Cream Parlor and our friends enjoyed serving and ordering their favourite desserts and ice cream. The rest of the children played in the sandpit and big fort area, chasing each other up and down the slide, but trying their best not to touch the sand as they were pretending that it was lava. Other outdoor activities included: Construction – building wooden blocks, Creativity – drawing and colouring in pictures with coloured pencils, Imaginary pay – office table with work telephones and ‘memo books’. The children enjoyed this activity as they called each other and engaged in lots of verbal communication.

During our group time, we spoke about what our friends did over the weekend and practised our days of the week by singing our Days of the Week song together. We went over some indoor classroom rules and allowed the children to choose which activities to engage in during our indoor play. The children also enjoyed juicy morning tea with fruit, granola and yummy yogurt.

Miss Jaime planned an awesome worksheet for our friends to complete and test their shapes, numbers and colours and they all did such a good job – well done Kindy 2!

During our afternoon group time we read a book about how to be a good friend and had a group discussion on ways we can be good friends and form loving friendships. We all jumped up afterwards and had a big stretch and did some dancing.

A friendly reminder to all parents – morning drop offs are at the Kindergarten gate and for afternoon pick ups, you’re allowed to enter and collect your children in the yard.

We hope everyone had a lovely weekend! We’re so excited to have a great week together.

Miss Jaime, Miss Simona and Miss Jess.