Jingeri families!

We hope that you also had a Marvelous Monday like we did today in the Kindy 2 room!

We started the morning off with outdoor play in our Kindy yard. Some of our friends sat at the drawing table and got creative with their drawings, while others sat on the mat constructing a long train track with Mr Don. The children also showed interest in the hula-hoops and created their own imaginary game of “cops and robbers” by using the hula-hoops to catch the robbers and put them in jail.

Miss Jen visited us today and allowed us to have a groovy trial for Funky Feet! The children really enjoyed dancing and stretching together and got super excited to show off their moves during the ‘solo’ song. Everyone was so happy to receive Funky Feet stickers for doing a great job at “freeze-dancing”.

Miss Jaime planned an awesome activity for the children to identify and have a try at writing their names during our indoor-play. While our friends waited for their turn, they engaged in various activities such as: constructing a pyramid with wooden arch-blocks, painting on the easel, creating words with magnetic letters on the white boards and constructing a tall Marble-Run tower. The children also explored their imagination in dramatic play in home corner by dressing up and cooking delicious meals.

Our affirmation card for today read: “I am kind to everyone and celebrate their differences”. This was perfect, because it related to our previous cards about being kind to friends, using your kind words and listening to our friends’ words. We have also been doing activities based on our identities and what make us unique and important. Miss Jess read the book “It’s okay to be different” and encouraged the children to mention one feature they love about themselves and the reason for it. We also spoke about respecting people and how we can celebrate our differences: learn about our cultures, talk about where we’re from and that we should be kind and respectful to everyone.

We ended the day off with more moving and grooving during afternoon music and movement and transitioned outside to engage in waterplay with sea creatures that Miss Jess prepared for us in the Kindy yard.

A friendly reminder to our families: Please note that sign in and out will be in the office for now due to kindergarten Ipad being repaired. Drop-off and pick-up will now be allowed in the Kindy yard.

Have a lovely afternoon, Nya-nyah-bu!

Miss Jaime, Miss Jess, Miss Tash