Jingeri families

This morning Mr Don got the the big plumbing pipes and connectors out for the children to play with in the sandpit, some of the kindergarten 2 boys helped Mr Don construct a pipe line system  which allowed them to be able to pour sand into the  the top of the pipes and see the sand come out of the bottom ones, they had a great time investigating how the pipes worked and the best way to pour the sand into the pipes and how much sand they needed before it started to come from the bottom.

V is for volcano and also our focus letter of the week, Miss Cindy got as some clay from the work room and showed us how we could create our own volcanos using our hands to mold the clay into a volcano shape, it was a little tricking molding the clay as it was a lot firmer than the texture of play dough that we are used to but  the children that choose to make a volcano did such an amazing job creating there own unique volcanos.

We were excited for our gardening lessons with Miss Hillary and Mr Phillip  today we learned about how to grow seeds, we all had a turn of of planting some peas and carrot seeds into the garden bed and gave them a good water with the watering cans, Miss Hillary than explained to us how to care for our seedling to make sure they grow big and strong and next week we will be able to see if they have started to sprout.