Jingeri Kindergarten 2 Families, we hope you had a Terrific Thursday we sure did!

A bit of a chilly start to the morning, we stayed  nice and warm and cozy starting our morning inside Kindergarten two with the heaters on enjoying the different table top and mat activities on offer until the weather warmed up a bit and we were able to head outside for some more fun.

For activity time Miss Jess made some cool blue playdough with blue glitter for the letter B which is our focus letter of the week, we found some small sea shells to add to the playdough and this got us thinking of sea creatures and if any of them begin with the letter B, Miss Jaimie came up with Barnacle and blue ringed octopus and Miss Cindy thought of Beluga whale but we couldn’t really think of anymore, after our brainstorm our friends decided to create different sea creatures with the play dough.

This week we are celebrating Nadioc week  so Miss Jess read a dream time story called the Kangaroo and the Porpoise with a small group of children in book corner, the children really enjoyed this story and loved all the different pictures painted in the story  Miss Jess explained that the pictures were painted by aboriginal children probably around the same age as us they thought this was pretty cool, as an extension to the story Miss Jaimie drew us a picture of a kangaroo on a big piece of paper for the children to decorate using the loose part materials, lots of great designs were made.

We continued on with practicing writing words  using the visual flash cards with things that begin with the letter B the children did such an amazing job writing the words from the cards they choose well done kindy two.