Jingeri Families!

Today we had a wonderful wacky Wednesday in our Kindy 2 class. We had such a great variety of activities to engage in to help support our development and learning. This week we acknowledge NAIDOC week through many group talks, dreamtime stories, activities and play. Today Miss Jess read a dreamtime story ‘Dunbi the Owl’, which is about an owl that lost his feathers. The children then extended on this dreamtime story by making their own owls using beautiful coloured feathers and paper plates; the children also asked to continue making the Echidnas with playdough and bamboo sticks from yesterday’s dreamtime story ‘The scaly-tailed possum and Echidna’.

Today Miss Jaime spent 1:1 time with the children to re-evaluated the children’s cutting skills by comparing the cutting activity with zig-zag and straight lines, which the children completed in March, to today’s cutting which included the zig-zag cutting and straight lines as well as cutting out shapes. The children showed great improvement in cutting the zig-zag and straight lines by using their fine-motor gripping and hand-eye co-ordination skills during this cutting activity. Some of the children were keen to challenge their cutting skills by cutting out some shapes that Miss Jaime printed to add to this cutting activity. Overall, the children have all improved immensely with their cutting skills, promoting their wellbeing through developing their fine-motor gripping and hand-eye co-ordination skills. Well done Kindy 2!

During our lunch time, the classroom filled with the children’s voices as they decided to sing the ‘Pluto song’ together and then started their own discussion about the planets and the Solar System. It’s clear to see that the children are still enjoying and showing interest in their learning about the Solar System.

This afternoon, Miss Jess took the children to the garden as they were curious to see if their vegetables have grown a bit since planting them yesterday with Phillip and Hillary. The children all had a turn to water the plants and were very excited to see how healthy and strong their plants were looking. We will continue our learning about gardening throughout the week as we explore where different plants grow (in the ground, above the ground or on trees) and engage in many natural/gardening activities, group talks and reading books.

We ended our indoor play with yoga by taking deep breaths between the poses and counting slowly to 5. The children enjoyed doing the different yoga poses: turtle, ragdoll, cat, tree and bridge and transitioned off the mat by showing Miss Jaime their favourite yoga pose.

We would like to say a BIG thank you to Miss Kylie for spoiling the BELC families and educators with delicious hot drinks this morning. THANK YOU !

See you tomorrow for another amazing day! Nya-nyah-bu

Miss Jaime and Miss Jess