Jingeri Families!

Our Wednesday started off a bit wacky with the rainy, cold weather this morning, but soon the sun came out with a bright blue sky and our day ended up being WONDERFUL! What a wonderful, wacky Wednesday! Due to the rainy weather this morning, the children engaged in many indoor activities that supported and enhanced their interests, play and learning. In hairdressers, the children engaged in dramatic play with their peers, promoting their verbal communication and imaginary thinking. The children looked amazing in their dress-ups as super hero’s, princesses and fairies! We continued to explore and learn about the letter and sound of the week: ‘F’ by engaging in the creative activity to make a beautiful flower with patty cake holders and glitter! The children did an amazing job at using their fine-motor gripping skills to cut and paste the flowers and were so excited to add glitter to each flower. The children also engaged in imaginary play with the playdough and playdough-tools, molding and rolling the playdough into many creations: “I made a cake so that I can cut it in half and share it with someone else!”; “I’m making Miss Cindy a sandwich”; “Look I made Easter eggs!”. The wooden fairy house was once more a favored activity where the children engaged in more dramatic play, promoting their verbal communication skills while exploring their imagination.

Finally the sun came out and the children were ready to help pack away to go outside for a run and more fun play! The children asked to take the playdough outdoors so that they could continue molding their playdough with the playdough tools. A group of the children gathered their peers to grab their bags and go on a ‘journey’ around the Kindy playground. They formed a line and walked all around the playground with their bags on their backs, stopping at many ‘shops’ and ‘playgrounds’. Some of them informed the educators that they stopped at Bounce, a jumping castle playground where they did lots of jumping and playing together before heading to the ‘beach’ in the sandpit area. This group activity/game initiated by the children, was excellent for promoting their peer-connection and communication skills as they decided together where their next journey would be off to. On the big fort, Miss Jess placed out a large mat with cushions for the children to sit and engage in construction with Duplo blocks. Together, the children used their fine-motor and imaginary skills to construct a large farm and barnyard for the farm animals to live on.

To encourage more outdoor play in the fresh, open air, we took advantage of the beautiful sunny day by having lunch and afternoon outdoors. The children really enjoyed this time and the outdoors filled with exciting chatter and laughter as we all enjoyed our delicious meals.

Our afternoon ended with Yoga, even better – SPACE YOGA  – as the children suggested this activity for music and movement. With these yoga movements, the children promoted the use of their gross motor, balancing skills as well as practicing their slow-belly breathing during this activity. (Check out Cosmic Kids Yoga if you’re interested in engaging in these yoga activities at home!)

A special THANK YOU to our wonderful families for supporting us during the covid-lockdown. We really appreciate your understanding and support in keeping our amazing team and children safe.

Nya-nyah-bu, see you soon

Miss Jaime, Miss Jess, Miss Cindy