Good afternoon, it was beautiful in the yard this morning. Children were playing together nicely. On the mat Ava, Olivia, Hannah, D and Mila were playing their favourite game “ Snap” together. It was lovey to see how Olivia felt happy for her friend and said, “Well done Hannah.” when she won.


Hamish and Gabriel were interested in building with Legos this morning. Gabriel told Miss Pishaya that he build the sushi maker and he explained to her how does it work


When Eva arrived to the yard this morning she told Miss Pishaya that she wanted to do show and tell about the special book that she have been reading at home with dad. Children were so amazed how she read the whole book by herself. Eva told them that she practised at home a lot with dad so she could remember every word in the book.

At group time today after called in rolls and went through the weather and calendar chart Miss Pishaya showed everyone that puppet set of the story “The 3 billy goats gruff” That Miss Jaime made for us. Children were so excited about it and helped Miss Pishaya telling the whole story at the end of the group time.  At activity time Miss Pishaya also set up the area for children who want to have a turn with this puppet show.

One of the fun activities today was the scavenger hunt. Miss Jaime took a group of children out to the yard with the list of things that children could find in the yard. They all took this mission so seriously and observed every corners in the yard looking for bird, flowers, toys and many more that shown on the list they got. 

In the classroom Mila, Hannah, Olivia and Caesar were helping each other building the huge track for the marble. When they finished the track and tested how the marble run through the track they were so happy and couldn’t stop jumping with excitement.

At Yoga today Miss Haylee started the lesson with sending each other positive energy through beautiful music and fun dance with their creative movements then Miss Haylee challenged everyone with different yoga pose cards.

It was a great fun Wednesday. We hope everyone had an awesome time.

Miss Jaime, Miss Lisa and Miss Pishaya   





Written by Kindy Room 2