Jingeri families!

We definitely had a terrific Tuesday in the kindy 2 room today! The children were super excited to have their turn at gardening in our beautiful Kindy garden this afternoon with Phillip and Hilary. For today’s gardening, the children learned about how a plant grows from a seed. First, we have to prepare the soil by making it moist and adding fertilizer to make the soil nutritious for the see. Next, we place the seed in a ‘fist-sized’ hole and give it some water to start the growing process. Then, the sun and water will help support the growth process of the seed by growing roots into the soil and growing leaves or ‘the plant’ on top of the soil. The children each had a plant to grow some healthy, delicious vegetables today: carrots, silver beet, peas and radish. The session ended with making sure that our new vegetables have enough water to continue their growth process. We also continued learning about gardening with an indoor activity where the children looked for and identified plants, vegetables and fruit in magazines and then used their awesome fine-motor gripping skills to cut and paste these pictures on paper! The children did such a great job at cutting these pictures out and found all sorts of nutritious fruit and vegetables, flowers and plants.

This week we acknowledge Naidoc week with the children through many engaging activities such as dreamtime story telling, traditional indigenous games and indigenous-themed activities such as playdough, puzzles and painting with natural materials (sticks, mud, stones, leaves). Today we read a dreamtime story ‘Scaly-tailed Possum and Echidna’ and made echidna’s with natural-themed playdough and bamboo sticks. The children really enjoyed this story and were very excited to make their own echidnas and engage n dramatic play with each other using these echidnas. The children also decided that it would be a fun idea to try and draw the dreamtime story about the possum and echidna with texters, what beautiful drawings the children created from this dreamtime story! the children had the opportunity to choose their own table activity and together they chose Indigenous-themed puzzles of a fish, turtle and a platypus to connect and complete together.

In order to extend on our learning about the letter and sound of the week: ‘B’, Miss Jaime prepared a writing activity for the children by printing words and their pictures beginning with the letter ‘B’. The children were encouraged to first identify the picture/word and further promote their writing skills by copying and writing these words: ball, bat, box, beetle, bat, bee and bag. The children did an amazing job at writing these words and we will continue to extend on the letter and sound each week through engaging in this writing activity.

Today’s weather was absolutely beautiful which encouraged the children to engage in many fun outdoor activities such as sandpit-imaginary play by creating and building sand castles, cakes and cities; drawing beautiful pictures of the outdoors with access to our creative drawing station; moblo connectors creating different forms of transportation such as cars, trucks and trains.

The children are super duper excited to see uncle Allan tomorrow as he will be visiting our Kindy for fun engaging group talk, dreamtime stories and activities.

This afternoon the children and educators enjoyed the most delicious cupcakes to celebrate Felicity’s birthday! Thank you for the delicious cupcakes, it definitely gave us a boost of energy for the afternoon.

See you tomorrow for another fun filled with engaging activities and learning, nya-nyah-bu

Miss Jaime, Miss Jess, Mr Rei