Jingeri families!! Today was such a terrific Tuesday in the Kindy 2 class. Our outdoor morning play got extended due to our classroom being used for the Brave Hearts show.

During our outdoor play, the children engaged in such a variety of experiences such as: using their gross motor skills to balance and walk on the confidence course and stepping stones, as well as  riding the bikes up and down the kindy pathway. In the 2 tempees we had reading books, encouraging the children to promote their communication skills as they engage in conversational reading with their peers and educators; and construction with pyramid blocks in the other tepee. In the sandpit, the children engagedb in great team work, supporting their social skills, as they work together to build a ‘connection structure using the cardboard cylinders during their play. The children sat down at the kitchen set and table, engaging in dramatic play as they prepared for a ‘tea party. At this tea party,  the children made delicious chocolate cakes, strawberry and blueberry cupcakes and sweet treats such as strawberries dipped in chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. During their play, the children promote their creative and imaginary thinking,  while also developing their language skills when engaging in verbal conversations with their peers. Soon, Miss Jaime brought out a new dinosaur puzzle, which the children all gravitated towards. Building puzzles together,  supports the children’s social, fine motor and communication skills as they work together to gently connect the pieces, while communicating their ideas and thoughts when building the puzzle.

At the confidence course, the children engaged in imaginary play,  turning the round balancing ring into a area to sit inside and build with the construction materials: tiny waffle connectors and pyramid blocks. During this experience,  the children promoted the use of their fine motor and creative skills when connecting structures using their imagination.

We were so lucky to have such a beautiful sunny day that our grouptime and morning tea took place outside as wel. The children all sat down at the tables,  eating their delicious morning tea: fresh banana and strawberries served with toasted Granola and coconut yoghurt.

We soon headed indoors to have our turn at watching the Brave Hearts show, supporting the children’s understanding and learning about keeping ourselves and our bodies safe. We welcomed Ditto, the lion cub, with a warm kind welcome to make him feel safe. Once Ditto felt comfortable and happy, he explained the feelings we might feel when we feel when we feel safe – these are known as YES feelings; and the feelings do not make us feel safe – known as NO feelings. Ditto explained that YES feelings make us feel safe, happy, cheerful and makes us want to dance! But, NO feelings can make us feel sad, angry and scared. Ditto explained to us that when we experience NO feelings, we might have a fast heart beat, butterflies in our tummies or even jiggly legs that make us feel scared or nervous. When we experience these NO feelings, Ditto advised we RUN and TELL someone that we trust and feel safe with. Ditto also spoke about protecting our private parts: mouth, chest, area between our legs and our bottoms. The only time someone is allowed to look or touch a private part, is if you are sick and the doctor can help you get better – you can go to the doctor with someone you trust to help you feel safe. Another time, is when YOU want someone that you trust and feel safe with, to help you wash or clean your body. This is OK, only if you feel YES feelings and feel safe. As soon as you don’t feel safe and experience NO feelings, you can say NO and RUN to TELL someone you trust. Soon, the children all hopped up to join in, sing and dance to a song “They Belong To Me” where the children extended on their learning about keeping their private parts safe through a music and movement experience. We thanked Ditto and her helper and waved goodbye as we headed outside for more outdoor fun.

For lunch, the children had delicious pizza bread scrolls, served with a fresh salad bar: pineapple, avocado, peas and cheese cubes. This afternoon during our indoor play, the children showed interest in many experiences. At the tables, children engaged in playdough – promoting their sensory, fine motor and imaginary thinking skills as they roll, mold and create with the playdough tools. Together,  they continued to show interest in connecting puzzles ‘nature’s and ‘3D dog’, while promoting their fine motor skills when carefully connecting the pieces together, as well as their social skills when helping each other complete the puzzle. Supporting the children’s numeracy skills, they engaged in Number Bingo by focusing on the numbers being called out and identifying the numbers printed on their place mats so that they can recognise and match them with the numbers being called out. This experience promotes the children’s communication skills as they explore numbers, counting and engage in verbal communication to call out and identify their numbers.

The mat area was filled with imaginary play as the children engaged in construction with the marble run, building a big confidence course for the marbles as they take turns to drop them down the tunnels. With the duplo, the children built a house and a water park, promoting their fine motor skills when connecting the parts together to build their structures.

For music and movement, the children practiced for their graduation, engaging their gross motor skills during dancing. We then transitioned onto the tables for afternoon tea, where the children ate delicious fresh fruit: apple and orange slices,  served with an organic fruit slice.

A friendly reminder to parents, although we kindly welcome you back into our playgrounds, we still require you to wear face masks as well as maintaining social distancing.

Nya-nyah-bu, Miss Jaime, Miss Jess and Miss Cindy.