We hope you had a terrific Tuesday!

We had a lot of fun today in the room and the children were being super helpful.

Miss Jess was going through the book sin the room and decided that a big pile of them needed to go upstairs into our book library. Though there was quite a few books and Miss Jess wasn’t able to carry them all by herself. Some of the children were so kind and offered to help her carry the books. Miss Jess gave them a handful of books each and they carefully walked up the stairs and helped her to put them on the shelves.

We also had Mr Pete in the room today helping out. He noticed that the puzzles were all jumbled up and a mess and offered to put them together and to sort them out. Some of the children then offered to help and sat down with him and helped organise them, the were so jumbled up though that they were only able to complete one puzzle.

At 11 o’clock today we put on Santa’s webcam to see what was happening at the North Pole. Today it appeared that they were having break and were singing some Christmas carols. They turned some of them into rock songs which was lots of fun and we all sang along to them. While watching the webcam it told us that there are only 3 more sleeps till Christmas! We cannot believe how fast this time is flying.

The children asked Miss Jaime if they could have a dance party today. Miss Jaime said because that they had done such good helping this morning they could have a dance party in the afternoon to some Christmas music. Of course we had Jojo Christmas and then put on some more traditional songs for the children to sing and dance along too.

Have a great afternoon and evening everyone!

3 more sleeps till Christmas!!


Miss Jaime, Miss Jess and Mr Pete