Good afternoon, what a lovely day. Children were so excited this morning. Josef gave Miss Pishaya an awesome idea about building the dinosaur mountain in the sandpit. Mia, H and Ceasar were helping him gartering all dinosaur toys. Josef asked Miss Pishaya if he could turn on the tap so he could get water for the dinosaur to drink. When other children arrived they thought that was the great idea and wanted to be part of the play. Billie and Elora chose to build their own little mountain for the dinosaur role-play.

 Some children had a great time express themselves through painting. Mason,R spent a long time create his masterpiece that he felt so proud of. He had such a big smile when he finished his painting. Layla,F painted the picture of beautiful flowers in the garden.

 Some children were training the skill to control the ball at Basket ball game. The other chose to ride the bikes.

 At group time after we checked our calendar and weather Miss Pishaya helped children revising letter “Pp” and had a brain-storm of the words that start with P

At the end of the group time Miss Jaime announced that we would have the reptiles show today before lunchtime. Children helped Miss Pishaya thinking of any names of the reptile. Miss Jaime asked them if the bird is the reptile. Everyone was not sure about it so we decided to find out more information about it later in the show.

At the table Miss Jaime set up one of the table for drawing. Children could choose their favourite reptiles and drew it with markers. When they were drawing Elle said” When we finish drawing on one side, we need to turn the paper around and draw on the other side. We need to save paper to save the tree.” Sebastian said” Paper is not from the tree.” Miss Jaime told said” what about we search from the internet to find out where the paper come from.” They all went to computer and search through the Internet with Miss Jaime. One part of the paper making document they talked bout crayon. Ella also wanted to know where Crayon comes from so they extended their research about the paper to crayon factory. Everyone was so curious and active in the learning.

 Children also had a chance to make their favourite reptile with play dough with Miss Pishaya on the other table. Mia, H made the crocodile with the long tail . Carter made the big turtle. Asha made the long and scary snake.  

 The shopping list game was very popular today. Caesar spent such a long time at this activity and made sure the he got everything on his shopping list into his trolly. Olivia, S and Nate were checking twice and made sure they didn’t miss anything on their list.

 We had an awesome day and Hope everyone had the same

 Miss Jaime and Miss PishayaDSC05159 DSC05161 DSC05163 DSC05193

Written by Kindy Room 2