It was a bit windy and cold this morning. Some children chose to snuggle up with friends reading books in the nice and cosy plie of pillows that they made together. Many boys chose to warm up their bodies by having a bit of exercise with friends then running around and riding on scooters and bikes.

Ella, Olivia, S, Sebastian and wanted to make a special gift for friends and teachers. They went to the art and craft table and decorated the most beautiful candy can with sparkling decorations and glitter. It looks amazing.

At group time after called in rolls and went through the calendar Children had a fun brain storming words that start with letter B. Before starting the activities Miss Jaime asked everyone about the Christmas party that we had at Kindy yesterday. Many children were so excited about the gift that they got from Santa. Jacob was one of them. He held the book all day and asked Miss Pishaya to read it for him the he tried tell the story by his memory back to her.

At art and craft today children had fun on making their own design on their Christmas cards with the fingerprints. Children were so concentrate and make sure everything went perfect because this card is so special for them.  Some of them tried to make the patterns with the colourful fingerprints that went around the black line like the Christmas lights.

At the construction area was so busy today Len and Riku were helping each other build the cool tunnel for the racing car to go through. Riku made sure that the tunnel lined perfectly so Len’s car would not get stuck on any parts in the tunnel. Nate, Zavier, Oliver were using their creative think and created their cool building and machines out of little Legos.

It was a great fun day. Before the Afternoon tea everyone had a great chance to say goodbye and gave Nate a great big hug. Today is his last day at Kindy. We will miss him so much. We wish you all the best and have a great fun at school.

Miss Jaime, Miss Eden and Miss Pishaya


Written by Kindy Room 2