Jingeri families! Today was such a Thrilling Thursday in Kindy 2!

It was a lot warmer this morning so the children were super excited to head straight outside and enjoyed as much time as possible engaging in all the fun activities set up around the yard. The girls had a great time using the wet sand and buckets to make sandcastles in the sandpit telling Miss Cindy they were making a fairy village for all the fairies to live in, some of the children enjoyed constructing with the magnetic tiles making some amazing creations like houses, buildings and even cars, we also enjoyed constructing with the pyramid blocks, drawing with the coloured pencils and role playing in the ice cream parlor pretending to make our friends some yummy ice-creams.

The children did such a great job during our phonemic awareness training with Miss Jaime this morning! They practiced blending (adding) words together and segmenting (separating) words; singing the ABCs and practicing the sounds of the ABC letters and ended group time with the nursery rhyme ‘Wee Willy Winkie’. Miss Jaime also encouraged the children to mention words beginning with our letter and sound of the week: ‘U’ – “unicorn”; “uncle”; “Uranus”; “under”; “uniform”. Miss Jaime then had a group talk with the children about the patterns that we’ve been exploring and creating this week. The children were so excited to engage in the activity extending on patterns where the children helped Miss Cindy make 4 different coloured play dough – purple, red, green and blue – the children each had a turn to add and mix in the different ingredients used for playdough: flower, warm water, food colouring, oil, salt and cream of tartar. Once all four coloured playdough was done, the children created patterns by choosing two colours and rolling them into balls to place onto our ice cream template to create patterned ice creams. This activity gave the children an opportunity to explore and learn about patterns as well as using their fine motor, gripping and hand-eye co-ordination skills to ‘pinch’ a small piece of playdough, roll a ball and place it down onto the ice cream template. The children also further explored patterns and used their fine-motor skills to create coloured-patterns with the pin boards activity.

During indoor play, the children also showed interest in building a large ‘Bluey’ puzzle that one of our friends brought with to Kindy to build together; constructed with duplo blocks creating a space ship, house and farm; imaginary and dramatic play with the matchbox cars on the city; dramatic play using verbal communications skills and exploring space at the space station and looking through development and reading books in book corner.

The Kindergarten playground was closed today due to cleaning around the yard, so we took the children in groups to the back garden to engage in outdoor gardening and weeding. The children really enjoyed this outdoor activity, especially when Miss Jaime told them that she’s bringing her pineapple plant from home to plant in our Kindy garden! Together, we’ll be focusing on weeding, planting new plants and seedlings and maintaining the garden with the children to encourage their learning about the natural environment. Before lunch, the classroom filled with loud laughter as Miss Jaime read a book that one of our friends brought in ‘Girls don’t fart’ and giggled at all the silly fart noises Miss Jaime made while reading the story.

Our delicious, nutritional plant-based menu today:

Morning tea – Home made bean soup served with sourdough Turkish bread

Lunch – Roast vegetable Buddah bowl with organic brown rice and quinoa; served with salad bar: cherry tomatoes, edamami beans, avocado and corn.

Afternoon tea – Carrot and oat slice/cake with fresh apple slices.

We hope everyone also had a fun-filled today! Nya-nyah-bu

Miss Jaime, Miss Jess and Miss Cindy