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Good afternoon, what a beautiful day. Children were so happy this morning. Talia, Hannah, D, Grayson and Avery took the snap game to the mat and played together. This game is Miss Jaime favourite too so when she came out to the yard she could wait to join in with children.

While children were using chalks to draw on the pathway, Miss Pishaya came to join in and wrote the number hopscotch. Eva, Olivia and friends from Kindy 1 were so excited and started to jump and count all the way to number 20. Miss Hiroshi challenged them to hop with one foot. Everyone took that challenge even it was a bit tricky. At the end Eva though that would be nice to add more number on the hopscotch but she decided to do it by tens. 

Running and chasing game in the yard was so popular today. Many children joined in the game. They were running around the yard with excitement. Some of them combined the game with Hide and seek and role-play. They used the bamboo trees as the save house and hid from other friends who pretended to be scary monsters who tried to catch them.

This morning Rusmir arrived to Kindy with the 2 little mermaids that he made from home. Miss Pishaya asked him if he would like to use them on his puppet show in the yard. He was so excited about the idea and helped her arrange the area by turning the weaving frame into his puppet theatre.

At group time after called in rolls and sang Good morning song were focusing on their learning and had fun with the Phonemic Awareness training with Miss Pishaya then we had a little chat about the nice posture while we sitting to help us focusing and great way to treat our back bones and spine.  

At the activity time Dion, Hannah, R, Yuzuki, Caesar, Hunter and Harry had so much with the memory game cards with Miss Pishaya at the table. Everyone were so focusing and tried so hard to remember each card that their friends flip it up. At the end they all took turn to count how many cards do they have and compare who has the most. 

Many children enjoyed being teacher today. Mila and Eva used the big white board to write the letter of the week and brainstorming words that start with the letter . Olivia, Billie, Hannah, D and Ava were looking through their development books and talked about their learning experiences through the photos.

Toby arrived to Kindy with the volcano in his hand. He asked Miss Jaime if he could make the experiment about the volcano erupting again So Miss Jaime set up the table outside for him with all ingredients they need. Tanner, Lean and Yuzuki were also interested in it and wanted to participate in this fun experiment too.

Sport with Miss Sam today children pretended to be ninja and practise their kicking and punching on the punching bag. 

What an exciting and fun learning experience today. Hope everyone had an awesome day.

Miss Jaime, Miss Maddie and Miss Pishaya