Good afternoon, what a lovely weather today. Children were so happy when they arrived to the yard. Miss Jaime told everyone that today is Olivia’s birthday so children had an idea to surprise her. They all went hiding under the stair and when they saw her they said, “Surprise! Happy birthday!” Olivia had the big smile on her face when it happened. In the yard today children were having fun with tag and hide and seek with friends. Harry and Talia chose to practise their football skills together. Harry explained to Talia about the area and how to stop the ball with foot.On the mat Eva had her show and tell with friends. Eva showed everyone about the special crystal castle book. Everyone was amazed by the huge crystal rock on the cover of the book. Eva said she love crystal because it’s magical.     

At morning group time after called in rolls and sang good morning song Miss Pishaya went through the Phonemic training with children then they all had fun with letters name and sound quiz game together.

At activity time Talia, Hannah, D and Tanner had a lovely role-play in the home corner. Talia acted as a caring mum taking care of baby Hannah who love to hide and Baby Tanner who enjoy all yummy food that Mum made for him.

At the table Miss Jaime Rusmir, Luke and Hannah, R were having fun with farm animals snap game. Harry and Hunter were so busy with the design of their big boats that they want to build with the cardboard box. They asked Miss Pishaya to help them search through the Internet to find the perfect one that they like so they could sketch on the paper before they start building it.

Today Leon, Dion and Yuzuki were interested in building. Dion tried to built the vacuum with the connector while Yuzuki tried to shape the long connector strip that she built into the circle. Leon sat in the construction area focusing on his worm farm that he built with Legos and the recycled materials that he found at art area.

At sport with Miss Sam today children had so much fun with the cooperative game that they need to help each other lift up all bean bags that laid on the parachute and tossed them up as high as they can. When they put the beanbags back to the parachute Miss Jaime noticed that children automatically sort the same colour of the beanbags and made sure they matched with the colour of the parachute. That was a great sorting Kindy2! At the end Miss Sam challenged children if they could toss the colour beanbags into the right coloured mat. It was tricky to manage the right distance when they throw and control their muscle to get the right direction but everyone did it very well and persistent even they might not get it at the first try.

What a lovely fun Thursday!

Miss Jaime and Miss Pishaya




Written by Kindy Room 2