Jingeri Families!

This morning during our group time, the children discovered that today is thrilling Thursday and the weather person told us that even though it’s a sunny day, it is super duper cold! Together, we looked at the bright side – although it was super cold, at least the sun was shining and at least we could engage in fun outdoor activities.

The children had so much outdoor fun today as they engaged in many outdoor activities. We had a long, tricky obstacle course which started at the entrance of the kindy gate, leading all the way to the sand pit! The children did a great job challenging and using their gross motor, balancing skills as they walked along the obstacle course, jumped into the tires and into the hula-hoops. The children explored their creativity with access to the drawing station with crayons, colouring pencils and paper. Over at the tables, the children had the opportunity to engage with their fine-motor and hand-eye co-ordination skills as they connected and built creations with magnetic shapes. At the other table, the chatter was filled with imaginary play as the children rolled and molded their playdough with playdough tools.

Inside our warm, cozy classroom, the children continued to explore our learning activity based on creating patterns (sequences) through many activities such as pin boards, shape pattern cards with a shape platform, loose parts with trays which encouraged the children to explore patterns by placing loose parts in a sequence/pattern. The children also continued the letter ‘O’ and pattern activity by painting and decorating an Octopus with patterned tentacles.

In dress-ups, the children engaged in dramatic play by adding a sheet to the dress-ups shelf to make a ‘shower’ where they pretended to wash their bodies before getting dresssed. They continued with engaging in their dramatic play ‘dogs and family’ by dressing up as princesses and builders. This afternoon our classroom filled with song and cheer as the children sang along and danced to Hermin the Worm and Trolls.

URANUS! Did you know – Uranus was the first planet to be discovered with the aid of a telescope; it is the size of 4 planet Earths; Uranus is in the outer part of our Solar System and it takes 21 years to complete one season. The children continued to explore and show interest in their learning about space and the solar-system through their conversations during imaginary play in the space station!

Nya-nyah-bu, see you soon

Miss Jaime, Miss Jess and Miss Cindy