We hope you all had a marvelous Monday!

We had such a great morning, even though it was a little wet with the rain stopping and starting we still managed to get outside and have some fun and stretch our legs. This morning Miss Jen was putting on a Funky Feet dancer concert with the children who have been dancing with her all year. Miss Jaime asked Miss Jen if the rest of us could watch, which she was more then happy to have us. We took a mat down and sat off to the side were we could watch everyone. It was so much fun watching them as we can always hear them upstairs in dance class stomping around so it was fun watch what they have been up there. The dancers all did such a great job and were so confident in themselves and their abilities. Great work guys and thank you for letting us watch.

When we came inside the children were very busy. The semi-circle blocks were popular today. Some of the children attempted to balance when on top of each other to build a tower. This was tricky though because if one was off balance then they would all fall. Some others decided to cover themselves in the semi-circle blocks so it kind of looked like they were robots.

Puzzles again were very popular. The children are absolutely loving them at the moment. They like the parge floor puzzles as well as the smaller table puzzles. They are enjoying challenging themselves by choosing the puzzles with more pieces and some of them are stating that they want to do it by themselves.

We put on Santa’s webcam today at 11 o’clock, just as he told us to do in his letter last week. At the North Pole Santa and Mrs Claus were reading more letters that children had written to him. We have noticed that each day he has turned the webcam on he has been reading letters. We thought he must get lots and lots and lots. At the end the Elves sung their song and, in the song, it tells us how many sleeps there are until Christmas. Can you believe there is only 18 sleeps to go, where has the time gone!

The children did some Christmas craft today, they were busy making special cards and practicing their writing skills, which had come so far since the beginning of the year. Miss Jaime also read some Christmas books which the children really enjoy listening to.

Have a great afternoon and evening.


Miss Jaime and Miss Nicole