We hope you all had a great weekend and marvellous Monday!

On Thursday last week it was the start of Reconciliation Week. Reconciliation Week is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements and explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia. Today we had some Indigenous inspired activities for the children which they all appeared to enjoy. On Friday last week we had threading bracelets using the colours of the Aboriginal Flag which they enjoyed so we put this out for them again today and it was a big today as well. For another activity, we used some cylinders which Saxon’s family donated to make rain makers. They were painted black last week and today they were decorated using Aboriginal inspired painting techniques such as lines and dots. Before painting them Miss Jaime spoke to the children about using earth colours for their painting and asked the children what colours they thought earth colours were. The children did a really good job in identifying these colours. We decided not to use paintbrushes today because a long time ago they didn’t have paintbrushes so we used sticks that we found outside. The children did such a great job in painting them, they all looked fabulous! Next we will cover the top and bottoms and place some rice in them so it sounds like rain.

This week we are exploring the letter G. This was a bit tricky as it can make the J sound also. We were able to think of a few words beginning with letter G and then they started to get a bit confused with the J sound. They did such a good job in exploring this letter and sound and we are sure there will be many new words throughout the week.

Our planet this week is Saturn. When we asked the children what they knew about this planet the first thing that they said was it has rings as that is what it is known for. We also learnt it is the flattest planet, it has storms similar to Jupiter, it has 150 moons and four spacecrafts have visited it. We wonder what else we can learn about this awesome planet this week.

Meal times are such a fun time in our room and full of development and learning. While sitting at the table the children are engaging in conversations. They are learning to listen to each other and respond. They are also asking each other questions as they would like the plate of food passed to them or if they need the tongs. They are learning to be patient and wait for their peers who may be using the tongs to get their food. We have all our meals self serving which means the children are using the tongs to get their own food. By doing this the children are developing their fine motor skills and hand eye cor-ordination. We love our meal times in the room and it such a great to really get to know each other through the conversations at each table.

We hope you all have a great afternoon and evening.


Miss Jaime, Miss Jess and Miss Cindy