What a lovely morning. It was the perfect way to start to awesome week. Children were so happy when they saw their friends came back from the holiday. Luke, Hannah, R and Hamish were so excited to see each other. They started their day with the fun imaginary play together. Hamish told Miss Pishaya they were on the submarine. Hannah, R had a computer notebook to check on the map so they won’t get lost. Elijah joined in with friends in K1 to build their big bridge with the wooden blocks. He told Mr Hiroshi that he went to the holiday house with his family in the weekend. He brought the Legos with him so he could play with his sister. Ellen and Yuzuki had a cool plan on their construction with Legos. They told Miss Pishaya that they built houses. Ellen built the house for the bear to live and Yuzuki built the house for the girl who taking care of the bear. In her house there was a flower garden and her bedroom is up stair so she built the stair for her to walk up to her room too. Tithi spent most of her morning carefully painted her masterpiece. She was so proud with her work and wanted to take it home to show her parent at the end of the day.  

Today is the first day of our old friend Ava. Hannah, D was so excited to see her. She held her hands and went off to play together. Eva, Harry, Caesar and Olivia were also very happy to see Ava too. They thought that would be fun to play hide and seek together.

At group time after called in rolls and went through the weather and calendar chart Miss Jaime introduced children the letter of this week. It is letter “Hh” Miss Jamie demonstrated how to write both capital H and lowercase h on the board some children were trying write it in the air. At the end everyone were putting their thinking caps on and helped Miss Jaime come up with many words that start with letter H. House is one of the words that children came up with.

Last week children have been drawing shapes and talked about different shapes that they could see around them.  To extend their interest about it Miss Pishaya and Mr Hiroshi cut out different shapes from the coloured papers for children to use their imagination and creative thinking and express themselves through art. Hannah, R told Miss Pishaya that she made the house that has many square windows. Billie made 2 houses. One is her house and another one is her neighbour’s house. Hannah, D made the castle with the oval shape door. There was so creative everyone!

At sport today after warm up their Bodies children had so much fun with the activities that Mr Sam set up for them. One of them was throwing tennis ball into the basket. This activity was great for their gross motor and eye-hand coordination skills. The second game is kicking the ball with Mr Sam. We could see so many great football players in Kindergarten 2.

What an awesome Monday! Hope everyone had a great time like us too.

Miss Jaime, Mr Hiroshi, Miss Mink and Miss Pishaya


Written by Kindy Room 2