We hope you all had a marvelous Monday.

This morning to start off morning group time Miss Jaime asked the children what they did on the weekend. We heard some really exciting coming from the children about what the children got up to, we aren’t so sure if they are all real as some of the children mentioned that they went to space…hmmm I wonder.

In morning group time Miss Jaime introduced the children to the new letter of the week which is F. They did take a little while to warm up to this letter as we brainstormed. Though once they got the hang of it their brains were on fire and thinking up so many words. Many hands were still in the air and Miss Jaime had to ask them to remember their words for tomorrow as there was no room on white board to write and draw their words. We also had our Phonemic Awareness Training and today Miss Jaime challenged them as we have now moved onto the next book. When identifying the beginning sounds of words Miss Jaime would say the beginning sound followed by the word and ask the children to repeat. Though today she just said the word and asked the children to repeat it and then identify the beginning sound. There were six words in total which they had to identify the beginning sound and they absolutely aced it. They didn’t require an assistance and as a group were able to find the beginning sound. How awesome is that!!!!!

We only had a small class today so asked the children if they would like to go for a play in the pirate ship yard and they were very excited about this. While were in the yard we shared it with the senior Kindy class. When the gate was opened to the yard the children were off. We found most of them raced over to the pirate ship and to the back of the yard. Some of the children worded out how to climb the trees at the back of the yard along the fence line and were very excited when they realised they could see into the neighbors yard. Some were using their big muscles to move logs around in the gardens while others were enjoying the slides. It was a lot of fun visiting the yard and we are very grateful to senior Kindy for sharing it with us.

While in the room today the space station was popular. The children were imagining they were in out of space and flying past all of the planets. We could hear them say, “Look there is Saturn. It has rings you know.” Pluto was a bit of a big discussion that could be heard coming from the space station and it also carried out into the rest of the room. Miss Jaime was busy putting up some facts that they have learnt about each planet up on the planets which Miss Jess had made that were hanging from the ceiling. Some of the children asked where Pluto was and Miss Jaime reminded them that it is not a planet anymore. This then started the conversation about what Pluto actually is. So we thought that in our literacy group time after quiet time this could be the next thing we explore about space as we have done all of the planets and the sun. Some facts we learnt about Pluto were that it is not a planet because it does not have a clear path around the sun as its force is too weak to push things put of its path. It was in 2006 when Pluto was declared that it is not a planet. It is classified as a Dwarf Planet but it is not the only one, all up there are four that we know of. Pretty interesting.

Look at our fun mealtimes where we interact with each other and learn life skills such as waiting our turn, asking for the tongs and plate to passed to them and cleaning up after themselves.

We hope you all have a lovely afternoon and evening!


Miss Jaime and Miss Jess